Planning Lifeworthy Writer’s Workshops

April 14, 2021
In this episode, Kelly Boswell joins Michelle Morris Jones on the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to discuss how to plan and
Michelle Morris Jones

Finding Humanity in Hybrid Learning

April 7, 2021
In this episode, PEBC Lab Hosts Jenn Brauner and Jennifer Engbretsen join Michelle Morris Jones on the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast
Michelle Morris Jones

Argument Matters: Fostering Student Power, Wisdom, & Empathy

March 25, 2021
In this episode of the PEBC Phenomenal Teaching Podcast, Michelle Morris Jones dives into the art of argument writing and
Michelle Morris Jones

Making Up for Lost Time with Joy, Inquiry, & Community

March 18, 2021
In this episode, PEBC Lab Host Jana Durbin and Michelle Morris Jones unpack the fear of “learning loss” and how
Michelle Morris Jones

The Heart, Head & Hands of Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist Teaching

March 9, 2021
Listen in as Lorena Germán, co-founder of #DistruptTexts, joins Michelle Morris Jones on the Phenomenal Teaching podcast to unpack the
Michelle Morris Jones

Made for Learning: An Exploration of Cambourne’s Conditions for Learning

February 18, 2021
Learners must be the “doers” of what they are learning! Being a doer is supported by engagement, immersion, demonstration, employment,
Michelle Morris Jones

Quit Telling Me To Take Care of Myself: Practical Self Care Practices for Educators

February 4, 2021
How can educators build practical self care practices that go beyond chocolate, walks, and bubble baths? Beth Kelley is a
Michelle Morris Jones

What If Reading Aloud Was the Front Porch?

January 26, 2021
What if reading aloud was the front porch or the threshold that welcomed students into learning? As students, teachers and
Michelle Morris Jones

Impact over Intention: Actions To Foster Positive Student Behavior

January 13, 2021
How can we be proactive in supporting positive student behavior?  Student behavior is a form of communication that students use
Michelle Morris Jones

Removing the Masks of Disengagement

January 2, 2021
Every teacher dreads the question, "Why do I have to read this?" Listen in as Cris Tovani shares her CYA
Michelle Morris Jones

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