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Quit Telling Me To Take Care of Myself: Practical Self Care Practices for Educators

How can educators build practical self care practices that go beyond chocolate, walks, and bubble baths? Beth Kelley is a wellness consultant who works with educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations to build resiliency and to promote wellness practices that are achievable. She recently joined Michelle Morris Jones on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to get to the bottom of “self care” movement and how teachers can care for themselves.

As educators everywhere are managing the heavy lift of teaching and leading schools during this time, Beth recognizes that educators are both hopeful and exhausted. Beth digs into her experience as a school-based therapist and consultant and shares ways in which educators can create practical and sustainable self care practices during this time.

Some ideas to consider:

Creating a self care practice is an internal exercise, it is not about doing more, it is about doing what you need. Setting reasonable goals and listening to one’s needs allow us to develop a self care practice that is personal and achievable. Embracing a “less is more” approach can be challenging, however, focusing on the most important thing can help us slow down and be present. We simply can’t continue to try to “outlive our humanness.”

Intentionally incorporating transitions into one’s day creates “mindfulness bookends” which can increase efficacy, focus and energy. Consider the ways in which you begin your day, enter your workspace or shift from one activity to another, are you creating opportunities for your mind and body to transition?

Beth Kelley, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist, who spent most of her 18 year career in schools working as a school-based therapist. Additionally she owned a private practice, worked in community mental health, and as a clinical supervisor. Currently, Beth is a consultant for schools and organizations interested in deepening their commitment to caring for their most precious resource, their people…by developing more holistic, relationship based, human centered models. She is also the co-author of Teaching, Learning & Trauma. To learn more about Beth and to see some of her resources you can visit her website at https://bethkelleyconsulting.com/.

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