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Lab Classrooms

Learning comes to life in lab classrooms

Over three decades, PEBC has cultivated a network of reflective PEBC Lab Classroom Host teachers who regularly welcome colleagues into their classrooms to learn alongside them. Facilitated lab visits are a key opportunity for teachers to see PEBC’s instructional staples in action, and then to consider and commit to the ways in which those could be transferred back, in authentic ways, to one’s own teaching.

How to visit a PEBC Lab Classroom

  • Attend a PEBC course or institute and add on the lab day
  • Schedule a PEBC Lab Classroom visit for a group of 8-10 teachers to have a facilitated observation
  • Create a customized professional learning approach with PEBC that includes institutes, lab classrooms and on-site instructional coaching
  • Attend the Thinking Strategies Institute
  • For more information, please contact: [email protected]

PEBC Lab Hosts

Miguel Castillo
Beach Court Elementary | Denver Public Schools

Shannon Cosgrove                                                                                                          Aurora Central High School | Denver Public Schools

Jana Durbin
Jefferson County Open School | JeffCo Public Schools

Elizabeth Garlick
Clayton K-8 | Mapleton Public Schools

Matt Gustafson
Cherry Creek High School | Cherry Creek Public Schools

Carrie Halbasch
Little Elementary School | JeffCo Public Schools

Emma Jenkins
Aurora Central High School | Aurora Public Schools

Mary Korte
Jefferson County Open School | JeffCo Public Schools

Beth Lakin
North High School | Denver Public Schools

Jim Macur
JeffCo Open School | JeffCo Public Schools

Casey Maphis
Aurora Central High School | Aurora Public Schools

Susan McIver
Aspen Creek Elementary

Holcomb Mosley
Swigert Elementary | Denver Public Schools

Sloan Rago
Van Arsdale Elementary | JeffCo Public Schools

Jamie Salturelli
William (Bill) Roberts Elementary School | Denver Public Schools

Erika Schenck
North High School | Denver Public Schools

Barb Smith
Slavens Elementary School | Denver Public Schools

Erica VanNest
Denver West High School | Denver Public Schools

Alisa Wills-Keely
Cherokee Trail High School | Cherry Creek Public Schools

Teacher with Class

PEBC Lab Host Fellow Program

The primary purpose in establishing the PEBC Lab Host Fellows Program is to elevate the teaching profession and increase student achievement by actualizing the research-based best practices delineated in the PEBC Teaching Framework in K-12 classrooms. Fellows work closely with PEBC coaches to calibrate their instruction based on the PEBC Framework focusing on classroom community, workshop model, thinking strategies, discourse, and assessment.

Becoming a PEBC Lab Host Fellow is a highly selective process. The group will comprise 15-20  educators from across the Denver metro area. Fellows represent varying levels of experience (five plus years of teaching experience preferred) at a wide range of grade levels, from a variety of school settings. Successful PEBC Lab Host Fellows have a desire to be part of a scholarly, collegial group, with a strong commitment to ensuring all students achieve at high levels. They take a reflective stance as they seek new learning, talk about instructional decisions, and the impact they have on student achievement. They read research and apply research-based best practices to their own work in the classroom. They have a desire to collaborate with colleagues and a willingness to have colleagues observe their work with students in the classroom.

With successful completion of this fellowship, which includes a systematized observation by a Senior Director of Education, Lab Host Fellows can then become a more formal part of the PEBC organization which includes opportunities to become a Certified PEBC Lab Host, join Shared Learning gatherings, and participate in ongoing professional learning experiences at no charge. It is hoped that Fellows who become Certified Lab Hosts will host labs for PEBC for at least two years.

PEBC is currently refining the application process. Check back in spring of 2023 for more details.

Contact us for more information about becoming a PEBC Lab Host Fellow

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