Teacher Preparation

The PEBC Teacher Residency program prepares college graduates to embark on exceptional teaching careers through an experiential licensure program.


Professional Learning

PEBC supports teachers in all content areas and at all levels to become the educators they aspire to be. PEBC staff offer customized, contextualized professional learning targeting teaching for understanding.



Local, state, and national leaders trust PEBC to inform the development of sound education policy that profoundly impacts success for students and teachers alike.

Who We Are

Each and every child deserves a great teacher. As a nonprofit, we collaborate with schools, districts, legislators, and communities nationwide to recruit, train, develop and support educators who, in turn, support learners at all levels.

What We Do

We prepare outstanding new teachers, help good teachers and leaders become exceptional, and shape systems and policies that foster vibrant growth and lasting success for all students and teachers.

How We Do It

The experts at PEBC are lifelong learners who celebrate independent thinking and work to foster agency for both teachers and students, culminating in deep understanding. Our Teaching Framework is based on 30 years’ learning alongside teachers – the approaches are not new, and yet they are not outdated. Educators at all levels can adapt this Framework to their own context and effectively strengthen students’ confidence and competence as problem solvers and makers of meaning.

To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin.

- bell hooks


Effective Mentoring & Coaching Institute (Virtual 2022)
July 25 - 26, 2022

In this institute you will learn a collaborative and inquiry-based approach to professional communication which focuses on supporting colleagues’ thinking around planning, reflecting and problem-solving.

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Cognitive Coaching (22-23)
September 14, 2022 - May 11, 2023

In an atmosphere of compliance and high stakes accountability, decisions made by educators become the game changers for students and achievement. Cognitive Coaching (SM) empowers educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach an optimal level of awareness for decision making.

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Teachers Working Together

Working the Workshop (Fall 2022)
September 7 - December 14, 2022
Registration open until Sep 30, 2022

How do we design and facilitate effective workshops that engage all learners?

Whoever is doing the reading, writing, problem solving and talking is doing the learning. Explore how to get your students working within the structure of workshop.

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New and Notable


Virtual Coaching

PEBC's expert facilitators are skilled at individual coaching as well as facilitating whole-staff, all-district sessions for teachers and leaders around a wide range of topics.


Online Courses

Registration is now open for many of our fall events. We are also pleased to offer many online courses.


Phenomenal Teaching

Wendy Ward Hoffer’s fifth book, Phenomenal Teaching, provides a wide range of examples and ideas to foster phenomenal thinking and learning in classrooms at all levels.


Cultivating STEM Identity with Creative Problem Solving featuring Wendy Ward Hoffer

April 6, 2022

Our students are the problem solvers of the future! Unfortunately, by 3rd grade 50% of kids have already decided if they are confident STEM learners or not. Let’s disrupt this trend by creating learning experiences that shift mindsets from, “I don’t like…” or “I’ve never been very good at…” to productive and positive STEM identities…

Reimagining MTSS: Interventions That Honor All Students by Phenomenal Teaching with PEBC

March 11, 2022

Kids helping other kids get unstuck! After recognizing that the “old ways” weren’t working for kids or teachers, the leadership team at Cherokee Trail High School embarked on developing an MTSS structure that was more about meeting the needs of kids and less about being convenient for adults.  When asked, students reported that they wanted…

Museums as Fuel for Igniting Lifeworthy Inquiry, Engagement & Joy with Ellen Spangler

February 18, 2022

Striving to increase student engagement, wondering what community resources exist to bring content to life, needing time to recharge with art, science or history? Listen in as Ellen Spangler, Museum Educator and Consultant, shares all the ways in which museums, art centers, and nonprofit organizations can provide unique and engaging learning opportunities, high quality resources,…

Creating the Conditions of Learning To Foster Engagement & Growth In Times of Disruption with Dr. Brian Cambourne & Debra Crouch

January 25, 2022

  The “Conditions of Learning” work synergistically to support student engagement and understanding. But what happens when systems are stressed? What happens when deficit based language and practices start to creep into our work with children? What happens when teachers are not able to be responsive to the students before them? In this episode of…

Addressing The Teacher Shortage… Causes & Solutions

December 15, 2021

  At PEBC we believe that each and every student deserves a great teacher! In many of today’s classrooms and schools, leaders are struggling to fill vacancies with high quality teachers who are well prepared for the rigorous yet rewarding work of teaching. We are also well aware of the shortage of substitute teachers and other…

Grade Less… Know More

December 2, 2021

Do you find yourself wondering how you will ever grade that giant stack of papers?  Wondering if there might be other ways to support your students’ progress or monitor their understanding? What would happen if we eliminated the points for compliance exchange, students advocated for their own grades, and gradebooks essentially became “pointless”?  Would student…

Texts in These Times

November 15, 2021

We don’t want kids to leave school each day hating to read! So how do we get texts back into kids’ hands, hearts, and minds? Cris Tovani joins the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to discuss her latest book, Why Do I Have to Read This? Literacy Strategies to Engage Our Most Reluctant Readers, and research based…

Planning Learning Experiences That are Worthy of Students’ Time & Attention

October 29, 2021

If we want to create learning experiences that are worthy of students’ time and attention, we must be planful! PEBC Lab Host and 6th grade Advisor at Jefferson County Open School, Gabrielle Hovinen, joins Michelle Morris Jones on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to share her process for cultivating a community of reflective, self-directed, and inquisitive…

Strategies to Restore Peace & Sanity To Our Classrooms

October 22, 2021

Educators and students have been weathering the storm for quite some time now, and while the waves of uncertainty, stress and trauma are diminishing for many, the after effects of the storm are still present. Dr. Andra Brill joins PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to talk about strategies teachers can implement to support students as they…

Permission to Pump the Brakes

October 5, 2021

Brooke O’Drobinak and Beth Kelley join PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast with Michelle Morris Jones to share perspectives and practices to help educators ‘make it to Monday” during this incredibly challenging time. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that we are in the midst of a “mental health tsunami” and all of our feelings,…


An Overview of Phenomenal Teaching 

By Wendy Ward Hoffer | June 10, 2022

What does it look like to build students’ agency and understanding amidst shifting standards, changing assessments, waves of mandated curricula, and evolving educational policies? If, against that backdrop, we believe in fostering the unique promise inherent in each child, how might our classrooms look and sound? If we are devoted to celebrating the thinking and…

How Businesses Can Help Stop the Teacher Shortage

By laura | May 4, 2022

The teacher shortage in Colorado has reached crisis levels – but there is hope, especially with the support of Colorado’s outstanding business community. The teacher shortage affects the entire Colorado economy, even for those who work outside of education or don’t have children in school. Fewer teachers means fewer opportunities for students to learn critical…

Introduction to Phenomenal Teaching

By Wendy Ward Hoffer | April 19, 2022

This blog post is part of a series excerpted from the 2020 PEBC publication Phenomenal Teaching. The book is available through the publisher, Heinemann, as well as on Amazon. “If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve not because they aren’t good enough but because they can be even better,…

Foreword to Wendy Ward Hoffer’s Phenomenal Teaching

By PEBC | March 17, 2022

Foreword to Wendy Ward Hoffer’s Phenomenal Teaching By John Hattie I have visited classrooms with Wendy where these Phenomenal Teaching ideas are being implemented. The success of these approaches was visible in the language of the students who welcomed the struggle of thinking, saw learning as hard work, knew the power and had the skills…

PEBC and Sen. Michael Bennet Elevate Educator Voices with Virtual Panel

By Evan Kennedy | February 7, 2022

On Thursday, January 27th, PEBC had the great honor of hosting a roundtable discussion with Senator Michael Bennet and P-12 teachers from across Colorado. The conversation, held on Zoom, brought the voices of 12 teachers from across Colorado’s diverse school districts and geographies together to share their viewpoints and experiences on teaching and learning, during…

The Importance of ‘Understanding’ in Mathematics

By Wendy Ward Hoffer | February 7, 2022

Learn More at an Upcoming PEBC Math Institute Advance your math instruction by attending a PEBC institute where you can build on your knowledge and learn new strategies to impact student learning. Find upcoming institutes here »    Wendy Ward Hoffer Every now and then, I think back to my high school calculus courses. I…

How PEBC is Thinking About the 2022 Legislative Session

By Evan Kennedy | January 22, 2022

Colorado’s legislature is back in session! As our schools and communities continue to navigate the complexities and challenges of schooling amidst the disruptions brought about by COVID-19, our elected representatives are seeking ways to positively impact the education ecosystem, on both long standing issues and new challenges driven by the pandemic.  Local, state, and national…

Rural Colorado Road Trip: Lessons Learned

By John Kearney | November 16, 2021

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hit the road to visit the PEBC Teacher Residency’s three rural Colorado cohorts. Despite the somewhat harrowing drive through the “Disappointment Valley” of Western Colorado, it was worth every snowy mile to spend face-to-face time with our residents, teachers of record, and local…

Despite the Challenges, Amazing Things Happened

By PEBC | November 16, 2021

; In 2020/21, as the world retreated behind screens, we grappled with ways to stay true to our belief that community matters in teacher preparation. Thankfully, as former teachers ourselves, we are accustomed to shifting on the fly. The amazing residents and teachers of record who chose 2020, of all years, to enter the profession…

Coaching Launch

By Michelle Morris Jones | September 1, 2021

As the school year begins, Instructional Coaches everywhere are serving teachers in a variety of ways. I was curious as to the coaching moves that my coaching colleagues lean into as the school year begins so I surveyed a handful of coaches from across the country and dug into some of my favorite resources.  Here…

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