Responsive support at your school from PEBC experts - PEBC

Responsive On-Site Support

PEBC’s expert team works on-site to help you effectively address data-informed high-leverage areas.

We can provide support targeting:

Leadership for Rapid Improvement

  • Mentor, coach and leader development

  • Support new teachers, address burnout and improve retention

  • Address equity and opportunity gaps

Instructional Transformation

  • Student engagement and classroom management strategies

  • Curriculum implementation support

  • Effective math instruction

Data-driven Culture and Climate Shift

  • Social-emotional well-being and trauma-informed practices

  • Galvanize stakeholders around shared vision of achievement

  • Establishing high-functioning teams and elevating their impact

Our Process

Assess needs and set goals aligned to your 90-Day Plan/UIP/SIP
Leverage strengths and assets while enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
Design and implement a customized action plan
Transform systems, processes and capacity
Measure outcomes and celebrate successes

Our Results

  • Increased capacity at all levels, aligned to a shared vision
  • Teachers who are confident, effective and stay in the profession
  • Increased student engagement, agency, understanding and achievement
93% of educators surveyed say working with PEBC made them more confident in their ability to make a difference in student learning

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Diane Lauer

Director of Instructional Coaches, Thompson School District - Loveland, CO

"I was so impressed by the expertise and depth of knowledge of PEBC's professional developers, and their ability to help us create sustainable structures that support staff and student learning across the classroom, building, and district levels. With PEBC, it'a all about creating a community of learners."

Sean R. Semler

Teacher, Cory Elementary School - Denver, CO

"In reflecting on my past three years of teaching within Denver Public Schools, I can honestly say I may not have made it this far if it weren’t for the continuous support I received from the PEBC specialists working in my school."

Mary Jepsen

Language Arts Resource Specialist, Iowa City Community School District, IA

"Jennifer (a PEBC staff developer) spent the last three days at our school in Iowa City, IA. We want you to know what a gem she is. Her work here far exceeded our expectations. In just three days, Jennifer presented different lessons in K-6 classrooms and gave an in-service for our district. We cannot begin to describe the impact she had here."

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