Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In 2020 and 2021, PEBC participated in the first Denver Talent and Equity Consortium (TEC). The TEC was a year-long Promise54 cohort experience. We worked in fellowship with seven other educational organizations in the Denver-metro area. TEC provided us access to tools to assess, strengthen, and monitor our organizational systems with a deep focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

As a result of our participation in the TEC, we were able to:

  • Describe Talent and DEI strength and opportunity areas at PEBC
  • Develop a multi-year DEI plan aligned to our talent and DEI goals
  • Demonstrate progress on major DEI priorities
    • Developing a shared understanding of DEI as foundational terms/concepts
    • Creating an organizational DEI Belief Statement



Variations in human experiences and perspectives


The process and outcome of everyone having what they need to be successful


The process of incorporating diverse ideas, identities, and perspectives

PEBC's DEI Belief Statement

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Although systems of oppression dehumanize everyone, they disproportionately and uniquely impact historically marginalized communities. 

Cultivating human dignity is all of our responsibility, and those with racial, cultural, social, and economic privilege have an undisputed responsibility to transform and share power.   

(Portions adapted from National Equity Project)


When we do not disrupt systems of oppression, we reinforce them. Therefore, as individuals and as an organization, we commit to disrupting inequities. 

Given our relationships with teachers, schools, districts, systems, leaders, and communities, PEBC must address the impacts of inequities in our education system to fulfill our mission. 

We commit to building a community of educators who work to achieve equity in their classrooms, schools, and communities – with a concerted emphasis on racial equity.

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We contribute to collective efforts to build more equitable communities and systems by elevating awareness, improving policies, increasing pedagogical knowledge, and developing leadership capacity within PEBC, partner schools, and districts. 

To this end, we:

- cultivate our cultural humility 
- continually build our awareness about power, privilege, and oppression through researching, listening, and questioning
- embed DEI in our strategic planning process 
- disrupt white supremacy cultural norms individually, interpersonally, and institutionally 
- regularly assess and reflect on our progress towards becoming an anti-racist and multicultural organization 

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