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Professional Learning

PEBC supports teachers in all content areas and at all levels to become the educators they aspire to be. PEBC staff offer customized, contextualized professional learning targeting teaching for understanding.


PEBC's work is focused on student understanding

We tailor our approach to the needs of your school. Through our professional development days, lab classrooms, institutes, courses and events, we tackle the complexity of learning organizations and do not promise quick fixes – we promise lasting change.


On-Site Professional Learning and Coaching

Our expert team comes to you to offer customized learning experiences and one-on-one mentorship.

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Immerse yourself in-depth, interactive learning in Denver or on site at your school or district.

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Lab Classroom Visits

Facilitated lab classroom visits are a key opportunity for teachers to de-privatize instruction and observe effective instructional strategies in action. Teachers welcome colleagues into their classrooms to create deep learning that goes beyond a traditional observation.

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Leadership Development

PEBC offers institutes, seminars, and coaching to build leadership capacity and skills at all levels using the PEBC Leadership Framework, a synthesis of the actions education leaders take to catalyze teacher effectiveness and student achievement in schools.

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Teachers at Skyline High School meet with community partners to plan work-based learning opportunities for students.

Our Approach

We provide an asset-based, relationship-embedded design to achieve system change. The trust and partnership we foster allows us to deliver results within the vision and context of a school, impacting individual experiences from leader, to teacher, to learner. Our Professional Learning offerings are deeply grounded in the PEBC Leadership Framework, which represents over three decades of research and practice in classrooms across the country in pursuit of teaching each and every student for agency and understanding.



High School Teacher

“We learn about teaching strategies, and we feel like, ‘this is great, but I don’t know what this means or I don’t know how it works or what it looks like’. In the lab classrooms, you can see and talk to the teachers that do what you want to do.”

Nicole Johnston

Principal of Kennedy Middle School

"I have never once had a teacher walk out of a PEBC professional development course and say it was a waste of time. It’s not canned professional development. It’s quality, research-based work that is customized and differentiated. The teachers always say (the training) was the best thing ever.”

Keri Gordon

Denver Public Schools Teacher

“Working with PEBC can restore your sense of need in the classroom. I look at everybody at PEBC as my intellectual mentors. This is my purpose as teacher.”

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Our Publications

Since 1983, PEBC authors have written more than 30 books and other publications to support educators and their practice, based on research, study and work in schools.

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