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Professional Learning

How do we teach for agency and understanding?

PEBC's work is focused on student understanding

We support teachers in all content areas, and at all levels to become the educators they aspire to be. Through professional learning institutes, lab classroom visits, on-site in-services and individual coaching, PEBC offers customized, contextualized professional learning targeting instructional best practices.


PEBC expert coaches design school-wide plans to elevate instruction and improve student achievement, then provide demonstrations, observations, and conversations with teachers as they adapt new instructional strategies to their classroom.


PEBC facilitators develop professional learning communities and design in-service professional development days that inspire teachers to fully engage in their own growth.


PEBC offers professional learning events in Denver for teachers interested in improving their instruction of literacy and math, as well as for leaders keen to hone their skills as coaches and facilitators. In addition, these institutes and more can be presented on site at your school or district.

Lab Classrooms

Facilitated lab classroom visits are a key opportunity for teachers to de-privatize instruction and observe effective instructional strategies in action. Teachers welcome colleagues into their classrooms to create deep learning that goes beyond a traditional observation.

Being responsive to diverse students’ needs asks teachers to be mindful and present. That requires reflection. Engaging in reflection helps culturally responsive teachers recognize the beliefs, behaviors and practices that get in the way of the ability to respond constructively and positively to students. 

Zaretta Hammond



High School Teacher

“We learn about teaching strategies, and we feel like, ‘this is great, but I don’t know what this means or I don’t know how it works or what it looks like’. In the lab classrooms, you can see and talk to the teachers that do what you want to do.”

Nicole Johnston

Principal of Kennedy Middle School

"I have never once had a teacher walk out of a PEBC professional development course and say it was a waste of time. It’s not canned professional development. It’s quality, research-based work that is customized and differentiated. The teachers always say (the training) was the best thing ever.”

Keri Gordon

Denver Public Schools Teacher

“Working with PEBC can restore your sense of need in the classroom. I look at everybody at PEBC as my intellectual mentors. This is my purpose as teacher.”

Serving a National Audience

PEBC is a nationally recognized nonprofit that serves diverse districts across the nation.
We currently have relationships with schools in 23 states (highlighted). Let us know how we can support you!

Map of States PEBC Works With

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