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Professional Learning Model

A model for agency, equity, and understanding

After getting a taste of PEBC’s engaging and asset-based professional learning through institutes and lab visits, many teachers, schools and districts choose to engage in long-term contracts with PEBC and to develop a series of professional learning offerings at their own school.

Our professional learning model builds on the existing assets of your school or system and is customized to your site. Each contract includes a customized mix of traveling institutes, on-site trainings, facilitation of department or cohort study groups, and individual teacher coaching. Staffed by a team of experienced educators trained in cognitive coaching, each project is unique to the school’s needs and goals yet built around PEBC’s core mission of creating schools and systems where students and educators grow and learn together.

When we create a shared vision of success, foster a culture of growth, and build leadership capacity at every level, students succeed.

Shared Vision of Success

We build a shared vision of success aligned to targeted goals and outcomes that maximize achievement for each and every learner.

  • Attend a PEBC Institute or seminar
  • Bring a PEBC institute or seminar to your setting
  • Attend a PEBC Lab classroom
Instructor working with other educators

Culture of Growth


We foster a culture of learning and growth to promote agency, equity and understanding for teachers and learners. Onsite professional learning structures might include:

  • Instructional Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Full staff seminars
  • Facilitating collaborative teams by grade level or subject area
  • Data Driven Professional Learning Inquiry Cycles

Increased Leadership Capacity

We increase leadership capacity at every level. We work closely with school leaders in relentless pursuit of creating classrooms worthy of each and every child.

Our leadership work:

  • Aligns a vision of instructional leadership
  • Engages leaders to foster equitable learning opportunities at every level, for students and educators
  • Supports Leading Change

Our leadership work might include:

  • Participation by team leaders in Cognitive Coaching and PEBC Leadership seminar series
  • Development of Lab Classroom Hosts
  • Personalized leadership coaching for individuals and teams
Teacher leading students

Learn how to partner with PEBC to create schools and systems where students and educators grow and learn together

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we make our beliefs public every day. They come through in the ways we design our classrooms for student independence, in the ways we plan our lessons for engagement, even in the ways we talk with our students. When we take the time to reflect on our beliefs, we can bring them to life by empowering students with the strategies to accomplish their goals. This changes the way we teach, allows students to take off and fly.

Annie Patterson

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