PEBC’s Statement on the Gaza Conflict - PEBC

PEBC’s Statement on the Gaza Conflict

Empathy in Education: Navigating Complex Perspectives and Supporting Our Educators Through Challenging Times

We believe great educators are committed to preparing students to navigate a complex world made of multiple perspectives. We’re keenly aware of the polarization, stress, and heavy emotional toll the conflict in Gaza has created for members of the PEBC community.

When matters of identity become sources of pain and discord in the classroom, it presents profound challenges for students and educators.

We are deeply appreciative of the educators who are working especially hard right now to create a welcoming, inclusive environment, and offering a compassionate ear to students and one another. If we teach our children to welcome and learn from those moments, not run away from them, they will be better equipped to navigate today’s world, and thrive in the lives they choose as adults.

We want to remind you that we’re here for you. To support you in navigating this challenging environment and supporting all students, we offer the following resources:

Thank you for your support, resilience, and dedication on behalf of each and every learner.

Upcoming Courses and Institutes

Student Writing

Writing Institute: Teaching Argument Writing (2025)

Teaching argument is more than offering students a persuasive prompt and a formula; it’s about teaching students to analyze the data in order to form a claim, to back that claim with valid and reliable evidence, and to create an essay that a reader wouldn’t want to put down.
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Minds on Math Institute (December 2024)

In this institute you will learn how to address all eight of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice within workshop model instruction.
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Facilitation Institute (Fall 2024)

In this engaging, expertly facilitated two-day workshop participants learn to craft quality questions, deepen listening skills, wield protocols effectively and navigate group dynamics with intent.
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