Three Ways to Boost Language Use and Development in the Virtual World

By Moker Klaus-Quinlan / February 1, 2021

Do you remember watching a small child acquire language skills? First, they listen; then, they speak; soon, they write, and next they read, spiraling their growth in these language skills over time, ongoinging. Learners at all levels need a balance between experiences with receptive language (listening and reading) and expressive […]

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Supporting Ourselves and Others: Self-Care and SEL in the Age of Covid

By Andra Brill / January 14, 2021

Confession: I’ve never been much of a fan of the term self-care. It’s always felt a bit self-indulgent and brings up visions of the old Calgon bubble bath commercials. However, over the past few years, and particularly during the past several months of social distancing, I’ve started to see that […]

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PEBC Teacher Residency Works to Diversify Colorado’s Teacher Workforce

By John Kearney / November 30, 2020

In the wake of calls for social justice during the Summer of 2020, 73 is a number that I’ve been thinking a lot about.  That’s because, in 73% of Colorado’s school districts, there is not one Black educator.  That’s right, I said districts.  As Director of Recruitment and Alumni Engagement […]

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Mind Your Triggers

By Dana Sorensen / November 4, 2020

In what ways might we best support learners during this unique school year? One way is to learn about and understand triggers – in ourselves and in our students – so that we can remain calm resources in their lives as they transition towards another year of learning. TriggersThe teacher […]

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Students Working Together

Why Arguments Matter

By Stevi Quate / October 8, 2020

As I watched the debate, I heard both candidates call each other names and question the patriotism and intelligence of their opponent. I saw cherry picking of statistics and heard outrageous exaggerations of “facts.” It reminded me of what my mom used to say way too often, “The world is […]

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Supporting English Language Learners’ Success as Remote Learners

By Moker Klaus-Quinlan / September 24, 2020

“In today’s educational climate, English Learners are expected to develop deep content knowledge, engage with complex texts, and interact with peers in sophisticated ways, all while developing proficiency in English.” –Fenner & Snyder, Unlocking English Learners’ Potential Doing school online is challenging for all of us, teachers and learners alike. And […]

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Community in the Physical and Virtual Classroom

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / August 10, 2020

Trust, shared purpose, interdependence, mutual support, and safety in taking risks are some of the features of an effective community. Your own community might be your neighborhood, your faith group, your colleagues, your extended family. For students, their learning community, the online or brick-and-mortar space in which and the people […]

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Taming Our Trauma Brain

By Katrina Litzau / July 22, 2020

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, more than two-thirds of children will experience at least one traumatic event before the age 16. This statistic is startling. As educators, we need to be aware of the effects of trauma on the students who enter our schools. I […]

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Same Beliefs – New Format

By Jennifer Brauner / July 22, 2020

We had two weeks from the time school closed to the re-opening fully online. Over those two weeks, several questions about learning and my students swam in my head: How will we all stay connected? How can I keep engagement going – socially, cognitively, and emotionally? What supports do students […]

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Riding the Wave: Managing Uncertainty Personally and Professionally

By Tracy Wagers / July 10, 2020

Now is a time when I’m grateful I’ve talked to my kids about mixed feelings. They like being home with me, but miss their friends. They are relishing our nature walks, but missing swimming. You’re probably experiencing similar complexities. We’re all navigating an extraordinary range of emotions, often several at […]

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PEBC Teaching Framework

By PEBC / April 27, 2020

We miss you and our work in schools and hope everyone is keeping safe and taking good care. This blog entry is excerpted from Wendy Ward Hoffer’s newest book, Phenomenal Teaching, just out from Heinemann. It is essentially a professional development workshop in a book, which might be a fun […]

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What Does Mathematical Discourse Sound Like?

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / January 9, 2020

Almost like a great song, top-notch mathematical discourse is something you know when you hear. Yet, to cultivate quality, you and your students need a vision—or an “ausion” (a word I just made up to describe an ideal auditory vision)— of what you’re going after. As described by Jeremy Kilpatrick […]

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The Writing Workshop in Elementary Classrooms

By PEBC / December 9, 2019

Stevie Townsend, PhD “How many of you have made bread? Or, tasted homemade bread?” Five of my twenty seven new fourth graders raised their hands. “Well, get ready,” I explained. “Today we’ll begin making bread!” This is how I launched writing workshop each year in my elementary classroom. I introduced […]

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Phenomenal Teaching

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / December 2, 2019

We are happy to introduce you to Wendy Ward Hoffer’s fifth book, Phenomenal Teaching, forthcoming from Heinemann in 2020. This book details the PEBC Teaching Framework (formerly known as our Continuum), providing a wide range of examples and ideas to foster phenomenal thinking and learning in classrooms at all levels. […]

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Grab a Book!

By Michelle Morris Jones / November 25, 2019

When’s the last time you were able to grab a great book, of your choice, and just read?  According to the National Council of Teachers of English’s most recent position statement on independent reading each and every student, regardless of grade level, needs time each day to engage with self […]

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