Effective Remote Teaching

May 27, 2020
What a spring! We have worked alongside so many teachers responding and adjusting and revising our remote teaching in an
Wendy Ward Hoffer

What Does Mathematical Discourse Sound Like?

January 9, 2020
Almost like a great song, top-notch mathematical discourse is something you know when you hear. Yet, to cultivate quality, you
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Phenomenal Teaching

December 2, 2019
We are happy to introduce you to Wendy Ward Hoffer’s fifth book, Phenomenal Teaching, forthcoming from Heinemann in 2020. This
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Durango Math Institute

October 23, 2019
“Strong model for metacognition and problem solving in math.” “Great way to encapsulate how to teach math in a very
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Agency = Unstuck

October 2, 2019
How to Get Unstuck. This is one of the most important lessons we can teach in school. Because the truth
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Empowering Problem Solvers

December 20, 2018
Santi had some cookies. His mom baked him 9 more. Now he has 16. How many cookies did Santi have
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Cry for Meaning: Making Sense of Math

November 5, 2018
A literacy teacher shared with me about a recent reading conference with one of her second graders: the little girl
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Math: Why doesn’t yours look like mine?

October 8, 2018
Dear Parents, I know you have been wondering why our math does not look like your math. When you and
Wendy Ward Hoffer

The Importance of ‘Understanding’ in Mathematics

October 27, 2017
Learn More at an Upcoming PEBC Math Institute Advance your math instruction by attending a PEBC institute where you can
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Address the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice within a Math Workshop

February 21, 2017
Wendy Ward Hoffer Encourage students to become “unstuck” by utilizing strategies from the Minds on Math Institute on March 7-8th,
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Classroom Agreements

January 23, 2017
Wendy Ward Hoffer Establish a classroom culture of respect and collaboration with agreements about how you learn together. Build Community
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Four Steps for Getting Unstuck

December 8, 2016
Wendy Ward Hoffer Distinguish Productive Struggle from Despair When we raise the bar and ask learners to rise up with
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Teaching Math for Understanding

October 24, 2016
Wendy Ward Hoffer 793 X 10 = 7,930 793 x 100 = 79,300 793 x 1000 = 793,000 What do
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Effective Vocabulary Instruction in a Few Minutes Per Day

July 6, 2016
Wendy Ward Hoffer Particularly helpful to learners are instructional strategies that take students beyond word-definition memorization to engage them more
Wendy Ward Hoffer

Why Teach Vocabulary in Math?

June 28, 2016
Wendy Ward Hoffer 1,025,109.8 According to the Global Language Monitor, this is how many words are in the English language
Wendy Ward Hoffer


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