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Michelle Morris Jones

Launching a Successful Year of Coaching and Mentoring: 7 Proven Strategies for Instructional Coaches

By Michelle Morris Jones / August 26, 2023

As the school year begins, Instructional Coaches everywhere are serving teachers in a variety of ways. I was curious as to the coaching moves that my coaching colleagues lean into as the school year begins so I surveyed a handful of coaches from across the country and dug into some […]

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Creating a Predictable Structure for Professional Learning

By Michelle Morris Jones / June 22, 2021

Fueled with coffee and the remaining adrenaline from wrapping up the school year, the Bill Roberts Instructional Leadership Team gathered for our annual June reflecting and planning retreat.  Val started things off by asking, “So what went well this year, and where are we headed?”  After reviewing teacher surveys, exit […]

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What can you do when you can’t peek over their shoulders?

By Michelle Morris Jones / October 28, 2020

One of the biggest challenges with remote teaching is our inability to walk around the classroom and hear student thinking!  Looking for those scrunched up faces when students are grappling with something challenging, seeing those smiles when students feel successful, noticing the choices students make regarding materials and processes, listening […]

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What is Virtual Coaching?

By Michelle Morris Jones / August 18, 2020

How can instructional coaches be of service during remote & hybrid learning? We all want to get better. The role of a Leadership or Instructional Coach is to provide job embedded professional development that mediates thinking and allows an individual to access internal resources, reflect on current actions or issues, […]

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Grab a Book!

By Michelle Morris Jones / November 25, 2019

When’s the last time you were able to grab a great book, of your choice, and just read?  According to the National Council of Teachers of English’s most recent position statement on independent reading each and every student, regardless of grade level, needs time each day to engage with self […]

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