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Finding the Brilliance in Every Student… Asset Based Assessment

In this episode, Katherine Bomer and Michelle Morris Jones discuss the importance of asset based assessment practices and the ways in which adopting an appreciative mindset leads to student growth, efficacy, and joy.  Katherine shares how her thinking about asset based assessment has evolved from the publication of Hidden Gems to include the development of her newest framework. Katherine believes that feedback to students must not silence, correct, or simply tolerate the language and cultural differences of our students, rather we must move to appreciate our students’ writing and ask ourselves what we can learn from the genius of each writer. This appreciation develops student confidence, command of craft, and the disposition to take risks as a writer; ultimately, our classrooms must be centered in joy and student creativity as we strive to create classrooms and schools that honor and celebrate each and every student.

Katherine Bomer is a writer and a teacher of writers. Her many books have helped countless teachers craft writer’s workshops and experiences for students that build off of students’ strengths, elevate craft, and honor student individuality.  She has illustrated the ways in which the true essay can come to life in The Journey is Everything, in Writing a Life, she takes the common memoir and expands its power to show kids how far their writing can go, and in For a Better World with Randy Bomer, Katherine encourages us to examine how to read with a critical lens and use writing to change the world. In her newest book, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Workshop Essentials: Time, Choice, Response, co-authored with Corrine Arens as part of The Classroom Essentials Series, she once again elevates the importance of looking for what students can do inside a workshop structure that honors the time, choice, and feedback that all writers need. Please visit Katherine’s bio page to learn more about her and her work.

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