Policies in support of elevating the teaching profession

Local, state, and national leaders trust PEBC to inform the development of sound education policy that profoundly impacts success for students and teachers alike. PEBC has developed decades of direct experience in schools, deep knowledge of theory and practice, and a network for thousands of exceptional educators and passionate business and community leaders. Policymakers and advocates count on PEBC to advise the development and implementation of policy so that good ideas translate to great outcomes – in classrooms, schools, and systems as well as for our nation’s workforce and economy.

As such, below are examples of issues/legislation that PEBC has identified as areas for engagement during the upcoming legislative session.

PEBC Areas for Engagement

Educator Pipeline

PEBC supports efforts to address Colorado’s teacher shortage, particularly for our rural and small-rural school districts.
● “Grow your own” programs, such as apprenticeships and pathways for paraprofessionals to earn their teacher’s license.
● Stipends for rural alternative licensure teachers
● Educator loan forgiveness programs

School Funding

PEBC believes that adequate and equitable funding of public education for all learners in Colorado is of utmost importance. A strong business environment for Colorado’s economy n eeds a great education system so that future generations of Coloradans have the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the 21st century workforce. With that in mind, we will be tracking the conversation at the capitol this year around funding for public education, including but not limited to the following specific topics:
● Mill Levy Equalization
● An updated school finance formula
● Elimination of the budget stabilization/”negative” factor so that Colorado gets back to constitutionally required funding levels for education.

Teacher Evaluation

PEBC believes that education policy is strengthened when teachers have a seat at the table. As the topic of teacher performance evaluation is gaining renewed interest at the capitol, PEBC has joined with other stakeholders in the education community on projects such as the Teacher-Informed Solutions to Performance Evaluation (TISPE) initiative, to provide avenues for teacher voice to play an important role in policy discussions relevant to their chosen profession.

Federal Legislation on Teacher Wellness

PEBC supports the Teacher Health and Wellness Act , legislation sponsored by Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH) as legislation that strengthens the teaching profession by investing in ways to increase teacher health and reduce teacher stress.

Funding for teacher residencies at state/federal level

PEBC supports continued and expanded state funding for programs such as the Quality Teacher Recruitment grant program, and advocates for the inclusion of funding for teacher residencies at the federal level.

PEBC Catalysts

At the 2016 Superintendent Forum, PEBC generated 400 strategies related to supporting talent development for the education profession from both the education and business representatives in attendance. These audience responses clearly demonstrated a collective desire to seek and rally champions for educators across all sectors. PEBC established the Catalysts, a select group of business leaders who are ardent advocates for the elevation of the teaching profession and equitable outcomes for all students.

PEBC’s Catalysts understand that our students and their teachers are the underpinning of the state’s future workforce and of our communities’ economic health and vibrancy. They also understand the urgency and consequences of the teacher shortages their communities face. In order for our schools to have the teachers our students deserve, leaders will leverage the expertise of all groups to sharpen their advocacy skills as catalysts for education across Colorado.

Contact Evan Kennedy for more information.

Recent Work

Proposition CC

The PEBC Board of Directors voted to support Proposition CC.  Prop CC would have allowed Colorado to keep all funds already collected under the current tax rates. Anything that is above the current revenue cap would have been distributed directly into K-12 education (as well as higher ed and transportation).

PEBC organized testimony for a bill on principal professional learning

PEBC continues to participate in into critical conversations and providing testimony on bills. In February 2019, Sue Sava, Dana Sorensen, and Evan Kennedy organized testimony for a critical bill on principal professional learning. Principals Mary Duran and Courtney Goertz  spoke to the need for principal supports.

An initiative that helps teachers buy a home is expanding

Landed is not a nonprofit but rather a mission-driven for-profit that reinvests the money teachers pay it back into the down payment fund, and makes its money by taking a fee from the realtors’ commissions. It was founded in San Francisco in 2015, and expanded to the Redondo Beach Unified School District near Los Angeles and Denver Public Schools earlier this year. Landed recently grew its reach in Colorado even further by making its services available to employees of 14 additional school districts.

PEBC supports Teachers Are Leaders Act

In May of 2018, Representatives Polis (D-CO) and Messer (R-IN) introduced the Teachers Are Leaders Act in the Senate. The bill proposes the creation of teacher leader development programs that extend the continuum of teacher preparation and development in order to foster opportunities for professional growth and increased teacher voice in school decisions. PEBC has signed on as an organization that supports the bill.

SB 18-085 to provide stipends to rural teachers signed into law

On May 24, 2018, Governor John Hickenlooper signed SB 18-085 in Durango, granting alternatively-licensed teachers in rural schools the opportunity to apply for stipends to cover costs associated with their preparation pathway. Representatives from PEBC, Evan Kennedy [Director of Rural Residency] and Sherri Maxwell [SW Field Manager], attended the ceremony. Upon signing the bill into law, the governor handed his pen to Sarah Pettis, an elementary teacher in Cortez who recently completed PEBC’s preparation program.

Senate Education Committee: Post-hearing on HB18-1189 – Expanding Effective Residencies

On April 25, 2018, the Senate Education Committee voted unanimously to move HB18-1189 forward in the legislative process.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Impact: A Conversation with Chauncy Lennon

PEBC hosted Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Impact: A Conversation with Chauncy Lennon [Managing Director and Head of Workforce Initiatives, Global Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase] on April 11, 2018.  Mr. Lennon and business, education, policy and civic leaders from the metro-Denver area discussed the role of the business community in supporting the education sector through corporate and social responsibility investments.

PEBC at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

On March 7, Sue Sava facilitated a panel for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Education Committee. The discussion focused on the Colorado Education Preparation Innovation Coalition and HB18-1189 on Expanding Residency. Sue collaborated with Lorez Meinhold, Senior Director at Keystone Policy Center; Liz Hinde, Dean of Metro State University’s School of Education; and Rebecca Kantor, Dean of the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education. The panel addressed topics such as Colorado’s teacher shortage, the state’s ranking in education funding and the state’s teacher attractiveness rating.