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Teaching Framework

The PEBC Teaching Framework represents over three decades of research and practice in classrooms across the country in pursuit of teaching each and every student for agency and understanding. Reflective, humble, and striving teachers have led the way in pioneering the instructional approaches described here. It’s not magic, and it’s not secret: the strands of this Framework are powerful tools for actualizing phenomenal instruction every day. The Framework is designed not as a teacher evaluation rubric but rather as a tool for professional growth. We use it in our work developing and supporting lab hosts, designing professional learning events, and customizing school-based client services. Below are the strands of our Framework. The document in its entirety is published in our newest book, Phenomenal Teaching.


How can we design learning experiences that cultivate students’ understanding and agency?


In what ways might we develop classroom communities that support the agency and understanding of every learner?


In what ways might we facilitate learning experiences that support students grappling with challenging tasks in service of conceptual understanding?

Thinking Strategies

In what ways might we provide tools that increase learners’ agency and understanding?


In what ways might we scaffold productive, engaged academic conversations?


In what ways might we monitor and support progress?


After working with us, your district or school will have:

  • shared vision for implementing PEBC's Teaching Framework for rigourous, culturally responsive teaching.

  • structures and culture that support ongoing professional learning

  • increased leadership capacity at every level

The truth is, you and your students are already phenomenal. We are here to believe in and support you in bringing your potential into reality in your classroom every day. When we design learning experiences that honor thinking and invite creativity, wonderful and amazing results can’t help but blossom in our classrooms. 

Wendy Ward Hoffer

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