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Argument Matters: Fostering Student Power, Wisdom, & Empathy

In this episode of the PEBC Phenomenal Teaching Podcast, Michelle Morris Jones dives into the art of argument writing and the craft of teaching argumentation with PEBC Staff Developers Annie Patterson and Stevi Quate, along with PEBC Lab Host Alisa Wills-Keely. This trio brings a wealth of experience to their work with students and adults. Their conversation highlights the importance of planning for purpose, people, and process along with the workshop model as described in the PEBC Teaching Framework within Wendy Ward Hoffer’s Phenomenal Teaching. Annie, Stevi, and Alisa lay out a compelling argument that argumentation, when taught well, fosters student empowerment, wisdom, and empathy that transcends the classroom and ultimately impacts the world.

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Annie Patterson is the Senior Director of Lab Networks at PEBC. She works locally and nationally to support student understanding, equity, and understanding through presentations, coaching, and facilitating teachers learning alongside one another in classrooms. When she is not supporting teachers and students you can find her reading poetry and taking long walks with her dog Henry.

Stevi Quate is the co-author of Clockwatchers and the Just Right Challenge, a PEBC Staff Developer & Independent Consultant. Stevi a fierce advocate for student engagement and believes in the capacity of each and every student and teacher. Stevi is often found adventuring around the U.S. and world, and is never without her writer’s notebook.

Alisa Wills-Keely is a PEBC Lab Host and Language Arts Educator, who is currently teaching a great group of middle schoolers remotely but looking forward to her return to the regular classroom in the fall. She is a former Literacy Coach and District Secondary Literacy Coordinator. Spending time with her family and cycling keeps her busy when she’s not planning amazing reading and writing workshops for students.

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