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Podcast Season 3

Cultivating STEM Identity with Creative Problem Solving featuring Wendy Ward Hoffer

By Michelle Morris Jones / April 6, 2022

Our students are the problem solvers of the future! Unfortunately, by 3rd grade 50% of kids have already decided if they are confident STEM learners or not. Let’s disrupt this trend by creating learning experiences that shift mindsets from, “I don’t like…” or “I’ve never been very good at…” to […]

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Reimagining MTSS: Interventions That Honor All Students by Phenomenal Teaching with PEBC

By Michelle Morris Jones / March 11, 2022

Kids helping other kids get unstuck! After recognizing that the “old ways” weren’t working for kids or teachers, the leadership team at Cherokee Trail High School embarked on developing an MTSS structure that was more about meeting the needs of kids and less about being convenient for adults.  When asked, […]

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Museums as Fuel for Igniting Lifeworthy Inquiry, Engagement & Joy with Ellen Spangler

By Michelle Morris Jones / February 18, 2022

Striving to increase student engagement, wondering what community resources exist to bring content to life, needing time to recharge with art, science or history? Listen in as Ellen Spangler, Museum Educator and Consultant, shares all the ways in which museums, art centers, and nonprofit organizations can provide unique and engaging […]

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Creating the Conditions of Learning To Foster Engagement & Growth In Times of Disruption with Dr. Brian Cambourne & Debra Crouch

By Michelle Morris Jones / January 25, 2022

  The “Conditions of Learning” work synergistically to support student engagement and understanding. But what happens when systems are stressed? What happens when deficit based language and practices start to creep into our work with children? What happens when teachers are not able to be responsive to the students before […]

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Addressing The Teacher Shortage… Causes & Solutions

By Michelle Morris Jones / December 15, 2021

  At PEBC we believe that each and every student deserves a great teacher! In many of today’s classrooms and schools, leaders are struggling to fill vacancies with high quality teachers who are well prepared for the rigorous yet rewarding work of teaching. We are also well aware of the shortage […]

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Grade Less… Know More

By Michelle Morris Jones / December 2, 2021

Do you find yourself wondering how you will ever grade that giant stack of papers?  Wondering if there might be other ways to support your students’ progress or monitor their understanding? What would happen if we eliminated the points for compliance exchange, students advocated for their own grades, and gradebooks […]

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Texts in These Times

By Michelle Morris Jones / November 15, 2021

We don’t want kids to leave school each day hating to read! So how do we get texts back into kids’ hands, hearts, and minds? Cris Tovani joins the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to discuss her latest book, Why Do I Have to Read This? Literacy Strategies to Engage Our Most […]

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Planning Learning Experiences That are Worthy of Students’ Time & Attention

By Michelle Morris Jones / October 29, 2021

If we want to create learning experiences that are worthy of students’ time and attention, we must be planful! PEBC Lab Host and 6th grade Advisor at Jefferson County Open School, Gabrielle Hovinen, joins Michelle Morris Jones on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to share her process for cultivating a community […]

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Strategies to Restore Peace & Sanity To Our Classrooms

By Michelle Morris Jones / October 22, 2021

Educators and students have been weathering the storm for quite some time now, and while the waves of uncertainty, stress and trauma are diminishing for many, the after effects of the storm are still present. Dr. Andra Brill joins PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to talk about strategies teachers can implement […]

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Permission to Pump the Brakes

By Michelle Morris Jones / October 5, 2021

Brooke O’Drobinak and Beth Kelley join PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast with Michelle Morris Jones to share perspectives and practices to help educators ‘make it to Monday” during this incredibly challenging time. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that we are in the midst of a “mental health tsunami” […]

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This Is What Comes With It… Stepping Into Real Classroom & School Leadership

By Michelle Morris Jones / September 23, 2021

School leadership takes on many forms from those who serve in formal leadership roles to those who stand before students each and every day. In order to step boldly into true service and leadership we must first know ourselves, our values, our why, and the habits and ways of thinking […]

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Compelling Conversations

By Michelle Morris Jones / September 13, 2021

Jailyn Jenkins joins Michelle Morris Jones to unpack the PEBC Teaching Framework and specific ways in which teachers can promote student discourse that is meaningful; culturally responsive and sustaining; and inclusive of all voices. First and foremost, we must invest in building relationships with students and establishing rituals and routines […]

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Humanizing Schools

By Michelle Morris Jones / September 1, 2021

As we strive to create schools that are more phenomenal than ever before, Michelle Morris Jones sits down with Sam Bennett to discuss Humanizing Leadership. Sam clearly spells out some of the ways in which schools systematically dehumanize teachers and students, and she suggests actions leaders can take to create […]

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