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Strategies to Restore Peace & Sanity To Our Classrooms

Educators and students have been weathering the storm for quite some time now, and while the waves of uncertainty, stress and trauma are diminishing for many, the after effects of the storm are still present. Dr. Andra Brill joins PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to talk about strategies teachers can implement to support students as they learn how to do school all over again. As many educators have witnessed the impacts of COVID, social unrest, chronic stress, and trauma can lead students to at times be dysregulated and unable to learn. In addition, many educators are also seeing disruptive student behaviors that they have not encountered before. While this all makes sense from a neurological standpoint, it can be challenging to know how to move forward and find new ways of meeting students where they are. Andra shares a number of strategies, some do’s and a couple of don’ts to help restore peace and sanity in our classrooms. Environment is key, particularly creating an environment that helps students (and teachers) feel calm and in control. Shifting to responsibilities rather than rules, sticking with rituals and routines, and allowing time and space for reflection all build a container in which teachers can cultivate a supportive environment and community. Leveraging relationships and taking on the mantra of reliable and relentless care, while intentionally carving out time to connect with students creates a level of trust which promotes personal connection and academic achievement. And finally, regulating our own responses and extending empathy go a long way in de-escalating situations when students feel out of control or unable to self-regulate. This episode links directly to the Community strand of the PEBC Teaching Framework.

Dr. Andra Brill is an independent education consultant and PEBC Staff Developer who strives to elevate the necessity of social and emotional learning, equitable literacy practices for all students, and culturally responsive leadership. Andra works with teachers, schools and leaders to develop instructional practices that foster social and emotional well being AND academic success. Check out her latest blog to learn more about Andra and her work.

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