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Addressing The Teacher Shortage… Causes & Solutions


At PEBC we believe that each and every student deserves a great teacher! In many of today’s classrooms and schools, leaders are struggling to fill vacancies with high quality teachers who are well prepared for the rigorous yet rewarding work of teaching. We are also well aware of the shortage of substitute teachers and other school based professionals who serve students in many, many ways. So it is with this concern in mind, that Annette Konoske-Graf from TEACH Colorado and Jack Kronser from Douglas County Schools join Michelle Morris Jones on the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast to examine the realities related to the teacher shortage and ways to mitigate this crisis. As the Senior Program Manager of TEACH Colorado, Annette has an incredible perspective on the issue at a state level, various programs that are in place to recruit and support new teachers, and a variety of new policies that have been put in place to support our educator workforce. As a seasoned Director of Human Resources, Jack brings 27 years of recruitment experience to the conversation and shares the hurdles that districts face in recruiting and retaining teachers as well as a handful of possible solutions. Both Annette and Jack believe that we must focus on competitive compensation, increasing educator diversity, and creating pathways for new teachers.

Annette Konoske-Graf
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Annette Konoske-Graf is the Senior Program Manager of TEACH Colorado. Launched in 2019, TEACH Colorado is a statewide, cross-sector initiative aimed at improving the quality and diversity of Colorado’s teacher pipeline. Annette has worked in a variety of education and philanthropic organizations in San Diego, New York, and Washington D.C. She spent two years teaching ninth- and tenth-grade English literature in Little Haiti, Miami. As an education policy analyst at the Center for American Progress, she worked with more than 65 leading education organizations on the TeachStrong initiative, building partnerships to elevate the teaching profession.

Jack Kronser
Jack Kronser

Jack Kronser is Director of Human Resources and his entire career has been in public education, coordinating programs, providing leadership in school district programs and facilitating professional development. His last 27 years have been in school district Human Resources, with a special emphasis in teacher recruitment. A special passion has been in promoting organizational equity.