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Explore the PEBC's Phenomenal Teaching Framework.

Each episode will take a closer look how the strands of the framework come to life in classrooms and schools. Join us as we unpack Planning, Community, Workshop, Thinking Strategies, Discourse & Assessment.

Museums as Fuel for Igniting Lifeworthy Inquiry, Engagement & Joy with Ellen Spangler

Striving to increase student engagement, wondering what community resources exist to bring content to life, needing time to recharge with art, science or history? Listen in as Ellen Spangler, Museum Educator and Consultant, shares all the ways in which museums, art centers, and nonprofit organizations can provide unique and engaging learning opportunities, high quality resources, and inspiration to bolster student agency, equity, and understanding on PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching Podcast. Like all organizations, museums and nonprofits have had to shift and with that shift there is an abundance of new resources that can be accessed virtually or in-person. Ellen shares strategies for researching possibilities, accessing resources, partnering with organizations, and finding energy in our community and national museums, arts organizations, and nonprofits. This conversation aligns with the Planning strand of the PEBC Teaching Framework in that it provides ways to plan with purpose, for the people before us, and with impactful processes. Click here to learn more about the PEBC Teaching Framework.

Ellen is the happiest when she is dabbling in new things, and she has worked for nonprofits for 20 years. Her first love will always be museums, but she has also cherished her work in education and membership organizations. She holds an MAT in Museum Education from the George Washington University and a BA in Art History and Italian from the University of Virginia. She is a seasoned educator and has designed and delivered programs, trained staff and volunteers, and conducted program evaluations for art and children’s museums. She has proven herself as a successful fundraiser, securing grants and managing events that have financially fueled the hard work of mission-driven organizations. Ellen founded her consulting business, Three Notch’d Nonprofit Solutions, with the premise that every organization has stories to tell. She is committed to bringing those stories to life and advancing the nonprofit sector by providing support when staff is stretched a little too thin or simply is in need of a fresh perspective.

The “Phenomenal Teaching Podcast” is brought to you by Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) and is intended to elevate the strands of the PEBC Teaching Framework which is illustrated in Wendy Ward Hoffer’s book, Phenomenal Teaching. Thank you for joining us this season as we strive to share the stories of educators who are making schools and classrooms more phenomenal than ever before by implementing community, planning, workshop, thinking strategies, discourse, and assessment strategies that promote agency, equity, and understanding.