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Humanizing Schools

As we strive to create schools that are more phenomenal than ever before, Michelle Morris Jones sits down with Sam Bennett to discuss Humanizing Leadership. Sam clearly spells out some of the ways in which schools systematically dehumanize teachers and students, and she suggests actions leaders can take to create schools that support the humanity of each and every teacher and student. Sam encourages us to “break the fake” and examine the ways in which we use or abuse time, how to foster thoughtful and productive collaboration, and the importance of engaging in authentic work that is worthy of our students. At the root of humanizing leadership is the power of trust and its ability to create schools where everyone wants to be and where everyone can grow. Sam leaves us all with a call to action… Recreate schools that are joyful, life changing places of perpetual growth for all.

Samantha Bennett is the author of That Workshop Book, and a contributing author to Comprehension Going Forward and The Right To Literacy. She recently edited Cris Tovani’s new book, Why Do I Have to Read This? She is also the co-author and collaborator with Cris Tovani and Debbie Miller of two on-demand courses through Heinneman. Sam serves educators as an instructional coach and education consultant. She is an expert in curriculum design and day to day instruction who works with districts and schools around the country to nurture Professional Capital. She has worked for the PEBC and continues to be a dear colleague and supporter of our work.

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