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Thinking Strategies Institute
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Colorado Collaborative STEM Summit
May 6-7, 2015 - Register Now

Get to know PEBC

PEBC works directly with teachers, school leaders and administrators throughout Colorado and nationwide, to provide professional learning that cultivates highly effective K-12 educators to elevate student growth and achievement.

PEBC trains and empowers educators to understand the theoretical underpinnings of teaching and learning, and supports them in implementing those practices in the classroom, so all students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

PEBC provides courses, institutes, instructional coaching, leadership guidance and mentoring support for experienced teachers, school leaders and superintendents. It also recruits, selects and trains new teachers for K-12 classrooms through the Boettcher Teacher Residency.

Get tickets for the 2015 Annual Luncheon now


PEBC supports teachers in all content areas, and at all levels, to become the educators they aspire to be.

Through professional learning courses and institutes, lab classroom visits, on-site in-services and individual coaching, PEBC shares instructional best practices with customized, contextualized professional learning.

After getting a taste of engaging, asset-based professional learning through Labs and Institutes, PEBC can develop a series of professional learning offerings at your own school.

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PEBC staff work extensively in individual schools, supporting educators as they implement research-based best practices in their classrooms. We coach principals and school-based leadership teams to guide the professional development of their educators and develop their school or district into a “learning organization.” PEBC’s professional learning work is Asset-Based, Customized, Site-Based, and Demonstration-Based.

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Having a great teacher is the most important element in closing the achievement gap.

The Boettcher Teacher Residency prepares people to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on Master’s degree program.

PEBC believes the classroom is the best place for teachers to develop the skills they need, so we place them in teaching positions along side master teachers right from the start. Every day, our resident teachers pour themselves into teaching students, all the while fulfilling their own coursework requirements for a master’s in education. We help them every step of the way with outstanding mentors, peer groups, and expertise because we know that when teachers are well-trained and energetically supported, their commitment to their careers soar and students thrive as a result.

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