Who we are…

PEBC is an education nonprofit that works with teachers, schools and districts throughout Colorado and nationwide. We provide professional learning to cultivate highly effective K-12 educators to elevate student growth and achievement. Product and service offerings span a teacher’s entire career including preparation, instructional coaching and leadership development.

What we believe…

  • Every student can learn and be successful
  • Teachers are the primary facilitator of change for student success
  • Every student deserves a well-trained and highly effective teacher
  • A collaborative culture creates a continuous improvement loop

What we know…

  • Highly effective teachers drive student growth and achievement
  • Ongoing professional development is critical to improve teaching, learning and understanding
  • When teachers are learning, students are learning
  • Improving the culture of a classroom, school and district takes time

What we do…

  • Recruit and train new teachers for high-needs schools
  • Empower and support teachers and school leaders to implement best practice instructional techniques
  • Provide relevant and impactful professional learning for educators
    • -Thinking Strategies Institutes
    • -Lab Classroom observations
    • -Job-embedded coaching

Cognitive Coaching »

Create a school culture that values the development of thoughtful teaching and administrative practices.


Foundations of Literacy »

Explore the relationship between the foundations of literacy and the Colorado Academic Standards.


Thinking Strategies Institute- November 2014 »

Explore best practices in literacy instruction across the content areas. Includes 2 days of Lab Classroom observation!


Dynamic School Leadership Series »

This three part series offers principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders and district leaders concrete ways to make a difference for all learners in an interconnected educational system.

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