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Upcoming Events

  • Conferring with Readers c-literacy

    Learn right along side young readers in Patrick Allen’s classroom as they engage in literacy development!

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  • Thinking Strategies Institute- January 2015 c-literacy

    Explore best practices in literacy instruction across the content areas. Includes 2 days of Lab Classroom observation!

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  • Science Institute c-stem

    Catalyze the power of inquiry, thinking strategies and backwards planning to help students make meaning of scientific texts or experiences. Add a Lab Classroom visit on February 13, 2014!

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About Us

The Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) is a nonprofit partnership of Colorado education and business leaders dedicated to developing the intellectual and scholarly practices of educators across the continuum of their professional lives so our schools are worthy of our students.

Professional Learning

new-pebc-reflectPEBC staff developers work extensively in individual schools, supporting educators as they implement research-based best practices in their classrooms. They coach principals and school-based leadership teams to guide the professional development of their educators and develop their school or district into a “learning organization.” PEBC’s professional learning work is characterized as: Asset-Based, Customized, Site-Based, and Demonstration-Based.

The organization’s work and reputation are unrivaled. For over 30 years, we have worked with over 19,000 educators, over one million students, and well over 1,000 schools.

Residency-Based Teacher Preparation

The Boettcher Teacher Residency Program, launched in 2003, was one of the first of three in the nation to focus on a residency model with a five-year service contract to develop teachers for high-needs schools and districts. The program boasts a teacher retention rate of 96% after six years; and statistically significant increases in student achievement data demonstrate the validity of this model in growing a highly effective teacher workforce for our highest needs schools.

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