Four Steps for Getting Unstuck

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / December 8, 2016

Distinguish Productive Struggle from Despair When we raise the bar and ask learners to rise up with greater effort, we need to remain vigilant to their levels of frustration: productive struggle is one thing, but despair is entirely another. They look different: learners engaged in productive struggle are leaning in, […]

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Teaching Math for Understanding

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / October 24, 2016

  793 X 10 = 7,930 793 x 100 = 79,300 793 x 1000 = 793,000 What do you notice about the above expressions? What is happening to each of the digits of 793? Write the zero rule for multiplication as you understand it? Explain why the zero rule for […]

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PEBC Will Host Reciprocal Learning Event with Melbourne Graduate School

By PEBC / October 10, 2016

PEBC will host a 3-day unique reciprocal learning dialogue with John Hattie, Field Rickards and the team from the Melbourne School of Education. The guiding question for this visit is: How do we ensure that we are developing highly effective teachers in all contexts? During the visit, the team from […]

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Grounding: Moving People Into Space

By Scott Murphy / October 6, 2016

Scott Murphy, MA You are driving home from a busy day at work, fragments of one situation or another still tumbling around in your head. You hear the voices, consider the possibilities and talk back as if they might change their thinking now many hours later. What you don’t realize […]

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Mentors! 6 Tips for Connecting with New Teachers

By PEBC / August 19, 2016

Sarah Glover, MA Associate Executive Director of Education, Residency Build the Relationship Effective mentor teachers work to build relationships with their students, and with the new teachers they are mentoring as well.  Meaningful relationships are built intentionally, and through shared experience.  Here are six tips for building relationships with the […]

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PEBC’s response to proposed ESSA Regulations

By PEBC / July 18, 2016

The United States Department of Education (USDOE) recently proposed regulations on accountability, consolidated state plans, and data reporting under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The proposed regulations were published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, May 31. These proposed rules are subject to a 60-day public comment period, with […]

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Effective Vocabulary Instruction in a Few Minutes Per Day

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / July 6, 2016

Wendy Ward Hoffer Particularly helpful to learners are instructional strategies that take students beyond word-definition memorization to engage them more fully with the concepts behind the terms (Harmon, Hedrick, and Wood 2005). Yet, since there will never be time enough in any subject in school to directly teach students all […]

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Why Teach Vocabulary in Math?

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / June 28, 2016

Wendy Ward Hoffer 1,025,109.8 According to the Global Language Monitor, this is how many words are in the English language as of January 1, 2014. (Now I am not sure how a language can include four-fifths of a word, but let’s leave that aside for now.) Consider the vastness of […]

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Why Teach Reading in Math?

By Wendy Ward Hoffer / June 22, 2016

Wendy Ward Hoffer Math and Reading Need Each Other Historically, designers of secondary schools, authors of standards, test writers, and teachers have somehow created and perpetuated a misconception: that reading and math are entirely separate “subjects” having little to do with one another, that one ought not to have to […]

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Identify and Recruit More Teacher Candidates in Colorado

By PEBC / May 26, 2016

For those who have been following recent education news, it should come as no surprise that the topic of conversation on Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol was around teacher recruitment. It has become a national crisis and one that Colorado has been acutely impacted by. At a press conference in […]

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Boettcher program trains teachers to be successful

By PEBC / April 21, 2016

New teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates, and colleges are graduating fewer licensed teachers, leaving many schools hurting for qualified instructors. Southwest Colorado is one of four areas in the state particularly hard-hit by the shortage. Nationwide, about one-third of new teachers leave the classroom in the first […]

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What should school leaders know about ESSA?

By PEBC / February 17, 2016

David Bahna, Director of Assessment & Accountability, Adams 12 Five Star Schools With bright, sunny skies and an impending storm of one million Broncos fans descending on the city, local district and agency leaders joined PEBC last Tuesday to unpack the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the new education […]

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