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Teacher says PEBC saved her career

By PEBC / February 5, 2020

Keri Gordon’s first teacher training experience occurred early in her life when she was an elementary school student playing school with her cousins. She always played the teacher with her cousins, who were her sometimes willing and often excited students. “From the very beginning, teaching felt like the right path […]

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2019 Colorado Legislative Session Update

By PEBC / January 14, 2020

PEBC supports SB19-010 Professional Behavioral Health Services For Schools. The bill allows grant money to be used for behavioral health care services at recipient schools and specifies that grants may also fund behavioral health services contracts with community providers. Sen. R. Fields, Rep. B. McLachlan, and Rep. D. Valdez are the prime […]

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Gifts Galore

By PEBC / December 23, 2019

A week ago, hosting book club at my house, I decided to deviate from the usual rituals and routines as we embarked on the Christmas season. As host, it’s our job to provide books from which to choose for our next selection. Great! Rounding up a stack of books is […]

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Shift Your Thinking and Brighten Your Life

By PEBC / December 19, 2019

By Tracy Wagers, Field Coach, Urban Residency We’re tired.  Our to-do lists are long and somehow, getting longer.  If you live or work with kids, chances are someone near you is either currently sick, recovering from being sick, or just coughed loudly and wiped their nose on their sleeve.   […]

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Creating Classrooms Worthy of Students & Filling the Teacher Shortage

By PEBC / December 19, 2019

Professional Learning This year, the Professional Learning team expanded their work nationally and refined their process to meet the needs of all of the schools and districts they work with across the nation. Our spring Thinking Strategies Institute was the most attended PEBC institute ever, bringing educators from across the […]

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The Writing Workshop in Elementary Classrooms

By PEBC / December 9, 2019

Stevie Townsend, PhD “How many of you have made bread? Or, tasted homemade bread?” Five of my twenty seven new fourth graders raised their hands. “Well, get ready,” I explained. “Today we’ll begin making bread!” This is how I launched writing workshop each year in my elementary classroom. I introduced […]

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Grateful for Family… and Colleagues

By PEBC / November 26, 2019

By Senior Staff Developer Nancy Meredith Amidst the wonderful aromas of roasting turkey, dressing, and the ‘family’ scalloped corn (a Midwest favorite), amidst tripping over each other in the kitchen, amidst the calling of “Grandma” while building cities of magnatiles and Legos, amidst the creation of chalk paintings on the […]

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What are you thankful for this year?

By PEBC / November 21, 2019

As we enter into the holiday season, there are many things to be thankful for. Here at PEBC, we’re thankful for all of the educators with whom we work across the country and for other partners, individuals and organizations working on behalf of children and educators—not to mention the hard […]

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PEBC Teacher Residency Alumni Panel

By PEBC / November 10, 2019

PEBC Teacher Residency Alumni Brent Appelbaum, Kathleen Campbell and Meg Cypress share their thoughts about the importance of the PEBC Teacher Residency model.  Online and in-person information sessions are being held right now, so please share this video with someone who would make a great teacher! PEBC Teacher Residency Alumni […]

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Workshop as a Vehicle for Agency

By PEBC / November 4, 2019

By Sathya Wandzek, Director of Field Staff Collaboration When I was a teacher in the classroom, my number one goal was for students to see the why behind the math. Before teaching middle school, I literally didn’t understand the expression π r2 and always mixed it up with the other one, you […]

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Student Talk Clarifies Thinking

By PEBC / October 29, 2019

by Mary Korte and Ana Mettler, Jefferson County Open School Teachers The Loch at Andrews Tarn This past weekend I stood at the bottom of Andrews Glacier in Rocky Mountain National Park staring into Andrews Tarn, an aqua-marine pond filled with melting glacial ice. Though I could not see beyond the surface […]

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“Even if I had all the money in the world, I’d be teacher.”

By PEBC / October 21, 2019

While some people are moved by a beautiful piece of art or well-crafted, stirring poetry, Nicole Snelgrove is inspired by science, saying her connection to science is “almost spiritual.” Even when she was a little girl – living in poverty – she knew science was her way out, and she […]

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