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What are you thankful for this year?

Margot Plotz, Executive Director, Development

As we enter into the holiday season, there are many things to be thankful for. Here at PEBC, we’re thankful for all of the educators with whom we work across the country and for other partners, individuals and organizations working on behalf of children and educators—not to mention the hard work of our staff. We are also thankful for the continuous support we receive from the community, including businesses and donors, as we work to elevate the teaching profession!

This is the time of year that many seek out opportunities to donate to nonprofits or other charitable causes. As you consider donating during the holiday season, choose a cause or concern that is near to your heart within your community. The impact from your donation will help others and change the lives of those living around you—this is the power of supporting nonprofit organizations through donations!

One upcoming opportunity to make a donation is in two weeks during Colorado Gives Day, on December 5—an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropic giving to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, such as PEBC.

If PEBC’s mission and work is near and dear to your heart, please consider scheduling your donation as early as today or donating to PEBC on Colorado Gives Day, December 5. It’s simple to make a contribution—just CLICK HERE to pre-schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day. All gifts made on Colorado Gives Day will be boosted by the FirstBank Incentive Fund. Thank you for being an important contributor to the success of PEBC, and happy holiday season!

Visit PEBC’s Colorado Gives Day page for more information.

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