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Opportunity and Empathy in our New Learning Landscape

By Scott Murphy / March 23, 2020

This blog follows an interview with two of PEBC’s lab host teachers, Ana Mettler and Jana Durbin. Ana is completing […]

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Engaging Community…Literally Virtually

By Scott Murphy / March 1, 2020

Language is powerful. Really powerful. And in this pandemic, we are beginning to use some terms that will have a […]

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Our Schools Are All About People Work

By Scott Murphy / November 20, 2019

…and to move them, we’ve got to be really good at it! Let’s be clear.  We don’t run meetings.  We […]

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Facilitating Groups is Really Hard

By Scott Murphy / October 8, 2018

In schools we have asked people to coach and mentor individuals.  We work with one person and support her growth […]

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Grounding: Moving People Into Space

By Scott Murphy / October 6, 2016

Scott Murphy, MA You are driving home from a busy day at work, fragments of one situation or another still […]

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