Opportunity and Empathy in our New Learning Landscape

March 23, 2020
This blog follows an interview with two of PEBC’s lab host teachers, Ana Mettler and Jana Durbin. Ana is completing
Scott Murphy

Engaging Community…Literally Virtually

March 1, 2020
Language is powerful. Really powerful. And in this pandemic, we are beginning to use some terms that will have a
Scott Murphy

Our Schools Are All About People Work

November 20, 2019
…and to move them, we’ve got to be really good at it! Let’s be clear.  We don’t run meetings.  We
Scott Murphy

Facilitating Groups is Really Hard

October 8, 2018
In schools we have asked people to coach and mentor individuals.  We work with one person and support her growth
Scott Murphy

Grounding: Moving People Into Space

October 6, 2016
Scott Murphy, MA You are driving home from a busy day at work, fragments of one situation or another still
Scott Murphy

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