Author: Andra Brill - PEBC


Andra Brill

Supporting Ourselves and Others: Self-Care and SEL in the Age of Covid

By Andra Brill / January 14, 2021

Confession: I’ve never been much of a fan of the term self-care. It’s always felt a bit self-indulgent and brings up visions of the old Calgon bubble bath commercials. However, over the past few years, and particularly during the past several months of social distancing, I’ve started to see that […]

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Four Critical Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Practices: Supporting Ourselves and Others in Unusual Times

By Andra Brill / January 8, 2021

We are living in remarkable times. In July of 2020, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, CASEL released what they called an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) roadmap for reopening schools. In collaboration with forty other organizations, CASEL addressed the challenges that schools were facing as they looked to reopen […]

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