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Student Solving a Math Problem

Learn How to Lift the ‘Voice of Reason’ and Engage in Decision Making

By PEBC / January 23, 2018

Recently, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the space of work between my third grader, Jayden, and his dad as they were elbows deep in daily math homework. The intensity and voice pitch erupting from the other room is what caught my attention. “Dad! I know what I’m doing,” […]

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Creating Impact Through Skilled Facilitation

By PEBC / December 6, 2017

In education, it is often said, “It’s all about the kids.” And that is right. To ensure that’s the case, though, leaders have to be exquisite in the work and support given to the adults charged with student learning. Leaders have to facilitate teachers, teams and staff with the same […]

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An Interview with Katy Anderson, Colorado Teacher of the Year Finalist

By PEBC / November 3, 2017

This year, Katy Anderson, a Stanley Teacher Prep alumna, was a finalist for Colorado Teacher of the Year. Below we catch up with Katy and talk about her teaching experience to date. Name: Katy Anderson Residency Year: 2012-2013 Residency Year School/District: Fall 2012 Eagleton Elementary (Mentor: Emily Fenske); Spring 2013 Stanley […]

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Tips for Connecting with Families

By PEBC / October 18, 2017

When I look back on all of my years in the classroom the thing I remember most is to never underestimate the power of pizza. I had been teaching for six years and was feeling more comfortable with classroom management and teaching content—thus, I was looking for a new way […]

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