How do we teach each and every learner for agency and understanding?
In what ways might we draw forth the best from our students, colleagues and communities?

PEBC’s work focuses on student understanding.

PEBC supports teachers in all content areas, and at all levels to become the educators they aspire to be. Through professional learning institutes, lab classroom visits, on-site in-services and individual coaching, PEBC staff offer customized, contextualized professional learning targeting instructional best practices.

Recommended Professional Learning Approach

  • Learn new strategies by attending PEBC institutes
  • See strategies in action in PEBC lab classrooms
  • Implement new strategies with job-embedded coaching at your school

Learn New Strategies at Institutes







All of our teacher professional learning institutes address one or more of these strands of the PEBC Teaching Framework in order to increase student engagement, deepen understanding and support learners’ independence.

Offered annually, both in Denver and by request at schools and districts across the country, PEBC’s two and four day Institutes invite educators to both experience and dissect time-tested instructional staples as they apply in specific disciplines: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, as well as across all content areas.

In addition to these resources to expand educators’ understanding of effective pedagogy, PEBC also offers training targeting effective teacher leadership and instructional coaching: effective mentoring, cognitive coaching, and leadership seminars.

See the Strategies in Action in PEBC Lab Classrooms

Over three decades, PEBC has cultivated a network of reflective PEBC Lab Classroom Host teachers who regularly welcome colleagues into their classrooms to learn alongside them. Facilitated lab visits are a key opportunity for teachers to see PEBC’s instructional staples in action, and then to consider and commit to the ways in which those could be transferred back, in authentic ways, to one’s own teaching.

How to visit a PEBC Lab Classroom

Attend a PEBC course or institute and add on the lab day

 Schedule a PEBC Lab Classroom visit for a group of 8-10 teachers to have a facilitated observation

 Create a customized professional learning approach with PEBC that includes institutes, lab classrooms and on-site instructional coaching

Attend Thinking Strategies Institute

Visit a Lab Classroom

“…we learn about teaching strategies, and we feel like, ‘this is great, but I don’t know what this means or I don’t know how it works or what it looks like’. In the lab classrooms you can see and talk to the teachers that do what you want to do.”

– Ryan, High School Teacher

PEBC Lab Hosts

Patrick Allen
Frontier Valley Elementary | Douglas County Schools
RheaLynn Anderson
Skinner Middle School | Denver Public Schools
Val Beckler
Isabella Bird Elementary | Denver Public Schools
Kristen Myers-Blake
Brown International School | Denver Public Schools
Jenn Brauner
El Dorado K-8 | Boulder Valley School District
Jana Durbin
Jeffco Open School | JeffCo Public Schools
Carrie Halbasch
Little Elementary School | JeffCo Public Schools
Gabrielle Hovinen
JeffCo Open School | JeffCo School District
Karlee Hunt
Little Elementary School | Jeffco Public Schools
Mary Korte
Jeffco Open School | JeffCo School District
Elizabeth Lakin
North High School | Denver Public Schools
Candace Lewis
6th Avenue Elementary | Aurora Public Schools
Jeffrey Lewis
Bill Roberts Elementary School | Denver Public Schools
Suzanne Martin
Little Elementary School | Jeffco Public Schools
Susan McIver
Little Elementary | JeffCo Public Schools
Ryan McKillop
North High School | Denver Public Schools
Ana Mettler
Jeffco Open School | JeffCo Public Schools
Jamie Salturelli
Bill Roberts K-8 School | Denver Public Schools
Tracey Shaw
Smoky Hill High School | Cherry Creek Schools
Erika Schenck
North High School | Denver Public Schools
Tami Thompson
Van Arsdale Elementary | Jefferson County Public Schools
Shannon Umberger
Bill Roberts Elementary School | Denver Public Schools

Not sure what would be the best fit? Just need more information?

Contact Craig DeLeone at 303-861-8661 or [email protected]

Implement the Strategies at your School with PEBC

After getting a taste of PEBC’s engaging and asset-based professional learning through institutes and lab visits, many teachers, schools and districts choose to engage in long-term contracts with PEBC and to develop a series of professional learning offerings at their own school(s).

Each contract includes a customized mix of traveling institutes, on-site trainings, facilitation of department or cohort study groups, and individual teacher coaching. Staffed by a team of experienced educators trained in cognitive coaching, each project is unique to the school’s needs and goals yet built around PEBC’s core mission of creating schools and systems where students and educators grow and learn together.