Teacher Learning. Student Success.

We’d like to thank TNTP for raising the issue of the importance of high quality professional learning experiences for all educators.


One thing we know that research indicates is that investment in high-quality professional learning experiences directly correlates to student achievement. Research demonstrates that among other outcomes, the following professional learning strategies have direct effects on student learning and achievement: teacher credibility, student expectations, micro-teaching, teacher clarity, teacher-student relationships, reciprocal teaching and meta-cognitive strategies. These skills are developed through intentional instruction, embedded coaching and highly relational environments. An investment in our educator workforce is therefore both warranted and necessary.

Our organization, Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) provides highly customized, embedded, responsive professional learning for educators across the trajectory of their careers.

Ultimately, we aspire to create a system in which it is not necessary to teacher-proof classrooms because each teacher is carefully nurtured in her learning and development. We believe that all children deserve the benefit of learning from effective, professional educators who are lifelong learners.


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