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Teacher Feature: What’s Worth Showing Up For? Planning for Remote Learning

In this episode Jamie and Jeff dive into what matters most when planning for in-person and remote learning.  The question, “What’s worth showing up for?” drives their planning process.  They are intentionally planning with people, purpose and process in mind as they craft their remote math and literacy workshops.  This focus allows them to prioritize content objectives, foster virtual classroom community, and leverage resources (both digital and traditional) as they move forward despite the many unknowns associated with launching remote learning.  Listen in as they discuss how they will use the workshop model and thinking strategies in their remote instruction to ensure student engagement and understanding. Jamie Salturelli and Jeff Lewis are PEBC Lab Hosts who teach 4th grade in Denver, Colorado. They are close colleagues who co-plan and co-teach using a platooning model which designates Jamie as the lead on the literacy instruction and Jeff as the lead on the STEM instruction. They believe that two heads are always better than one and have created a planning and teaching model that leverages their individual and combined strengths and passions.   Jamie finds joy in the Thinking Strategies and exploring metacognition with their students, while Jeff sees all instruction through the lens of the workshop model.