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Supporting the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Students, Teachers & Leaders

In this episode Dr. Andra Brill joins Michelle Morris Jones to talk about the importance of fostering school and classroom communities that support the social and emotional needs of students, teachers, and school leaders as we all return to school. There is fear, uncertainty, and elevated levels of stress for students, teachers, leaders, and families, yet there are steps we can take to care for ourselves, others and our environment. Asking questions like, “How are you doing?” and “What do you need?” are great ways to foster self-care and communication. In addition, tapping into what we know about establishing strong classroom communities still applies as we venture into virtual, hybrid, and socially distancing learning environments. Creating strong relationships, developing solid routines, and planning relevant tasks allow schools to tend to the social and emotional AND academic needs of our students at this time. This episode links directly to the Community strand of the PEBC Teaching Framework. Dr. Andra Brill is an independent education consultant who strives to elevate the necessity of social and emotional learning, equitable literacy practices for all students, and culturally responsive leadership. Andra works with teachers, schools and leaders to develop instructional practices that foster social and emotional well being AND academic success. Check out her latest blog to learn more about Andra and her work.