Planning for Opportunity, Engagement & Understanding with Cris Tovani - PEBC
Phenomenal Teaching

Explore the PEBC's Phenomenal Teaching Framework.

Each episode will take a closer look how the strands of the framework come to life in classrooms and schools. Join us as we unpack Planning, Community, Workshop, Thinking Strategies, Discourse & Assessment.

Planning for Opportunity, Engagement & Understanding with Cris Tovani

In this episode, Cris Tovani and Michelle Jones explore the opportunity gap and the intricacies of remote learning as we discuss how the elements of the PEBC Teaching Framework support student engagement, equity, and understanding for each and every student. Cris shares valuable insights into the importance of planning with time, text, targets, tasks and tending in mind, the ways the thinking strategies support all students, and significance of building communities of learners that are emotionally and cognitively engaged. A portion of the podcast features a planning conversation in which Cris shares her ideas for an upcoming remote credit recovery course that she is hoping to teach this summer.

Cris Tovani helped shape and found the PEBC and continues to be a dear colleague and thought partner. Cris is the author of I Read It, but I Don’t Get It, Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?, So, What Do They Really Know?, No More Telling as Teaching: Less Lecture, More Engaged Learning, and a contributor to Comprehension Going Forward. She is currently an independent consultant who works with leaders and teachers to explore issues of reading, content comprehension, and assessment in secondary classrooms.