Leadership Opportunities & Obstacles in a Time of Ambiguity with Scott Murphy

July 7, 2020

Scott Murphy and Michelle Jones discuss the opportunities and obstacles that all school leaders are facing as the 20-21 school year begins to take shape. Scott shares his thoughts about critical core dispositions for leaders to hold during a time of crisis, ways to create community and purpose for school teams, and instructional practices that will support all learners as we navigate a time of great ambiguity. Scott believes in the capacity of school leaders, teachers, students and families, and those beliefs are evident as he shares practical ways to lead and support with the heads, hearts, and hands of individuals in mind.

Scott Murphy, PEBC’s Director of Leadership, is passionate about about the role of educational leadership plays in creating classrooms, schools, and systems that cultivate agency, equity, and understanding for students, teachers, and leaders. Scott is well known for his blogs about leadership and facilitation, his development of the Futures Protocol, and his dynamic seminars and institutes. When Scott is not working in schools you might find him rock climbing, cycling, playing his guitar, or talking to his garden.



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