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PEBC is a cost-effective, high-quality, and competitive solution for school districts.

The PEBC Teacher Residency program is Colorado’s largest and most effective residency-based teacher preparation program with more than 1,000 graduates. With over a decade and a half of experience, the residency program has produced an impressive track record of delivering highly trained teachers who stay in the profession many years longer than traditionally trained educators. At the same time that the residency program was proving its effectiveness, Colorado has become increasingly challenged by a shortage of teachers amounting to a shortfall of thousands of licensed teachers. Thus, the need for more highly effective teachers who stay in the profession for more years is more pressing than ever.

The PEBC Difference

PEBC sets the standard for teacher preparation. Participants are continuously supported by expert mentors and field coaches both during and after their residency year. As a result, the primary value PEBC offers school districts is one of quality.


Residents who completed the residency were hired as teachers (OMNI, 2016)


Retained in Colorado (PEBC Data Collection, 2017)


Hired in the district in which they were trained (AIR, TQP 2017 Report)


Principals report Residents were well prepared for various teaching responsibilities, including lesson planning and subject matter expertise (AIR, TQP 2017 Report)


PEBC trained teachers remain in the teaching profession after three years

Return on Investment


The PEBC Residency Team helps districts navigate the residency program every step of the way, including developing strategies to help minimize the impact on your bottom line.

PEBC's 2018 Financial Return Characteristics Study found:

A district would earn a return of 33% per year for their investment in using a PEBC teacher. 33% is far larger than the costs for a large Colorado school district to borrow and is also far larger than what one might expect to earn in the stock market over time. Even when factoring in the friction of cost reductions over time and including a mix of legacy and PEBC teachers, there is a positive IRR for the district choosing PEBC.

PEBC teachers have shown a 93% retention rate after three years. The positive ROI for a district to invest in PEBC sourced and trained teachers stems from avoiding the costs associated with the district hiring teachers, on average 10 times more often than replacing PEBC teachers.


Kathleen Campbell

Teacher, Strive Prep, CO

“Teaching is where the rubber meets the road, and the PEBC residency model, of which I’m a product, is how we create great teachers who are committed to this profession. Ultimately, the way we’re going to change the profession is to ensure we have well-trained teachers, and the PEBC residency model is making that happen.”

Denver Area Principal

“Other alternative licensure programs claim they can take anyone off the street and make them a teacher, but I've yet to find one that is anywhere near as close to being as effective as PEBC”

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