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Teacher Feature: Promoting Joy AND Understanding By Tending to Thinking, Content & Habits During Virtual and Hybrid Learning

In this episode, PEBC Lab Host, Tracey Shaw shares how she and her students have found their “happy place” as they navigate their collective journey through hybrid and virtual learning. As a high school math teacher, Tracey knows the importance of building a community of learners who can think and act like mathematicians and in the past has crafted daily math workshops to build both mathematical content understanding and process skills. As she plans for hybrid and virtual instruction Tracey has created a model for planning that will foster joy and understanding. This model relies on the importance of crafting learning targets with thinking, content, and habits in mind. This ensures that students are able to act like mathematicians, apply math, and be human each day regardless of if they are in a synchronous, in person, or asynchronous learning environment. In addition, Tracey has restructured her application of the workshop model so that each week resembles a full workshop with time for a hook, mini lesson, work time (with collaboration & teacher support), and reflection. Being mindful of the importance of flexibility and feedback allows Tracey to be more nimble and responsive to student needs. Listen in and find your teaching “happy place.”


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