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Reading Aloud in the Age of Distance Learning

Typically, Patrick Allen’s classroom brims with over 3,000 children’s books and his students pour over them tucked into nooks and crannies all around the room.  This year Patrick is teaching remotely and most of his collection is in storage;  yet he is still bringing the gift of high quality literature to his students each and every day by reading aloud.  Patrick and Michelle discuss how reading aloud must remain a core practice and can’t be tossed away during distance learning as it allows teachers to get to know their students, builds community, provides a reason for students to “show up,” fosters curiosity, supports reading and language development, and creates a love of reading.  Patrick shares the importance of intentional planning and  how he carefully selects texts so that students are able to interact with texts that are familiar, favorites, and new discoveries.  Reading aloud is a necessity and a gift, and during this episode you will have the experience of processing the importance of read aloud while also being read to!

Patrick Allen is classroom teacher, PEBC Lab Host, well known speaker and blogger, the author of Conferring: The Keystone of Reader’s Workshop,  and a contributing author to Put Thinking to the Test. He has also produced two video series entitled “Fact Finders” and “What are You Thinking?” through Stenhouse.

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