Leading a Complex System During a Time of Great Complexity - PEBC
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Each episode will take a closer look how the strands of the framework come to life in classrooms and schools. Join us as we unpack Planning, Community, Workshop, Thinking Strategies, Discourse & Assessment.

Leading a Complex System During a Time of Great Complexity

In this episode, Scott Bain shares the complexities of leading a complex system of four schools within a school, the importance of leaning into one’s beliefs, and actions he is taking as an instructional leader. Scott has found that leadership during this time requires:

Maintaining a Strong Collective Vision
Delegating Leadership Responsibilities
Trusting Teachers
Tending to Community
Shifting from Crisis Mode to Creative Thinking

Scott and Michelle Morris Jones also discuss how the concept of “Beautiful Constraints” has allowed the staff to move beyond worrying about the things they cannot control to thinking about things differently. Through this lens Scott’s team and staff have adjusted their instructional model to meet the needs of in-person, hybrid, and remote learning in unique ways. From creating cross curricular intensives to shifting resources to create artificially small class sizes for social distancing, the teachers have reimagined systems, structures, curriculum and assessment to meet the needs of their students. The Jefferson County Open School prepares students to “Create the World that Ought to Be” and Scott is wondering if the constraints put forth by the pandemic will encourage the education community to see new possibilities when we all return to a new normal.