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Impact over Intention: Actions To Foster Positive Student Behavior

How can we be proactive in supporting positive student behavior?  Student behavior is a form of communication that students use to tell us what they are feeling, experiencing, and need.  Listen in as Brad Riley, Behavior Technician for Denver Public Schools, shares suggestions for teachers and school leaders to support positive student behavior as we all navigate learning under extreme stress and trauma.  As we strive to teach for agency, equity, and understanding we must slow down and focus on our relationships with all of our students, families, and colleagues.  By slowing down, we can create classrooms that are emotionally safe in which learning can occur. Brad encourages educators to strive for impact rather than intention by focusing on the following high impact moves to support positive behavior: Develop Relationships with Students and Families, Ask Questions & Listen to Avoid Inaccurate Assumptions, Cultivate a Positive Mindset Towards Every Scholar, Model Safety to Establish Trust, Remain Vulnerable to Recognize Internal Bias, and Breathe and Focus on Self Care.

Brad Riley is a Behavior Technician for Denver Public Schools who provides supports to individual students and coaching to school staff to implement specially designed instruction to improve outcomes for students with challenging behavior, and provide positive behavior supports during the problem-solving process for students with behavioral challenges.

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