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Elevating Teacher Voice: Education Policy Should Be All About People and Perspectives

When it comes to education policy, practicing educators need a voice at the table! Listen in as Evan Kennedy, PEBC Director of Strategic Initiatives and Policy, joins the Phenomenal Teaching podcast to share how PEBC works with local, state, and national leaders to inform the development of sound education policy.  Policy work is all about people and gathering multiple perspectives so that education policies can benefit all students.   Evan shares how the PEBC strives to elevate teacher voice so that lawmakers have the information they need to make informed decisions. This work includes inspirational initiatives such as,  holding  a convening for teachers to share their experiences with COVID-19 for Senator Michael Bennett, collaborating with teachers to research and pilot various teacher evaluation systems to improve the system in Colorado, and looking long-term by uncovering how we can create a more resilient system for public education.   PEBC has developed decades of direct experience in schools, deep knowledge of theory and practice, and a network for thousands of exceptional educators and passionate business and community leaders. Policymakers and advocates count on PEBC to advise the development and implementation of policy so that good ideas translate to great outcomes – in classrooms, schools, and systems as well as for our nation’s workforce and economy.  PEBC areas of policy engagement include:  bolstering the educator pipeline, improving school funding, elevating teacher voice, and support of federal legislation in the areas of teacher wellness and funding for Quality Teacher Recruitment.  In addition,  PEBC established the PEBC Catalysts, a select group of business leaders who are ardent advocates for the elevation of the teaching profession and equitable outcomes for all students.  Interested in learning more about how education policy can support phenomenal teaching and teachers?

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