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PEBC’s Approach to Teacher Learning: Lab Classrooms

Honoring student thinking, promoting teacher innovation and fostering communities of adult learners – these principles described in Emily Hanford’s article, A different approach to teacher learning: Lesson Study are also integral to the professional development work of PEBC.

PEBC Lab ClassroomSimilar to Lesson Study, PEBC engages deeply with educators through job-embedded professional learning that includes lab classroom visits. During these facilitated labs, teachers observe peers at work, listen into the thinking of students, notice and name effective instructional practices that promote student thinking and understanding. Most importantly, participating educators end their lab experience by identifying particular approaches to instruction they can transfer in context-appropriate ways to their own classrooms and schools. With support from a PEBC staff developer, a teacher’s learning from the lab visit can take root in the form of instructional shifts in his or her own classroom, sustained by ongoing cognitive coaching.

In this way, PEBC works side-by-side with teachers to support their learning among peers, reflection on their own practice, and changes that result in increased student achievement.

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