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PEBC Announces Formation of Colorado’s Largest Residency-based Teacher-Preparation Program

DENVER –Sep. 23, 2015–Two of the nation’s most highly regarded teacher-preparation programs have agreed to combine, creating a statewide pipeline of highly effective teachers as well as a new state and national model for teacher preparation.

PEBC, a nonprofit that cultivates highly effective K-12 educators to increase student growth and success, announced it has reached an agreement to unite the Boettcher Teacher Residency and Stanley Teacher Prep programs. Combined, it will be Colorado’s largest and most effective residency-based teacher-preparation program, with a track record of teacher retention that is double the national average. The residency will be known as the Boettcher Teacher Residency.

Nationwide, about half of new teachers quit the profession within one to three years. This exacerbates a widespread teacher shortage that leaves Colorado school districts struggling to fill thousands of open positions each year, especially in high-poverty schools where teachers are needed most. Graduates of the combined residencies are retained in the teaching profession—specifically in high-needs schools—at an average rate of 93 percent after more than eight years.

“PEBC recognizes that the single most important factor in students’ growth and success is the quality of the teachers in their classrooms,” said Rosann Ward, president. “The Boettcher Teacher Residency prepares new teachers to effectively lead their classrooms, and supports them in developing the same confidence and mastery they cultivate in their students.”

The Boettcher Teacher Residency elevates the teaching profession by dramatically increasing the quality of training and support that new teachers receive. Aspiring teachers spend a full year in the classroom with a mentor teacher while they earn their teaching license. As they take over leadership of their own classrooms, these new teachers continue to be supported with significant professional development, one-on-one coaching and resources for an additional four years—a level of support that is unmatched in any similar teacher-training program in the state of Colorado or the nation.

In addition to helping teachers succeed during their most challenging years in the classroom, the Boettcher Teacher Residency contributes to elevated student growth and success. Independent evaluations show that children taught by Boettcher teachers consistently outperform their peers. In addition, principals report that resident teachers positively impact their classrooms from day one.

Tollgate Elementary (Aurora Public Schools) was an early supporter of residency-based teacher preparation. Today, 40 percent of Tollgate teachers are graduates of one of the residencies. “Tollgate Elementary has partnered with Stanley Teacher Prep and the Boettcher Teacher Residency because they attract the best and brightest aspiring educators, prepare them rigorously and continuously hone their craft through meaningful professional learning,” said Laurie Godwin, Tollgate principal.

Together with the Stanley Teacher Prep program, the Boettcher Teacher Residency will expand and deepen its service to aspiring teachers by increasing the number of resident teachers it accepts from around 130 to more than 180 in the first two years alone. It will also support new teachers in every school type and location—in urban, suburban and rural districts as well as public, private and charter schools. The organizations will also invest a full two years in synthesizing their approaches, combining best practices, expert staff, funding and other resources that will create a collective impact beyond what the organizations could achieve separately.

As part of the Boettcher Teacher Residency, aspiring teachers spend a full year in the classroom with a mentor teacher as they earn a Colorado teaching license and a stipend, and work toward a Master’s degree from Adams State University or University of Colorado Denver. Residents also benefit from significantly reduced costs to obtain a Master’s degree, a culturally and linguistically diverse endorsement on their teaching license and job-placement assistance. Fully 100 percent of residency graduates obtain a professional teaching position upon earning their license. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree and a commitment to supporting student growth in high-needs schools are eligible to apply to the residency.

The Boettcher Teacher Residency is generously funded by the Boettcher Foundation, which has invested $15 million in the program to date. In addition, PEBC has been awarded a Federal grant exceeding $2.9 million and Colorado Department of Education grants totaling $2.5 million to expand the Boettcher Teacher Residency to rural school districts throughout Colorado. PEBC is additionally supported by corporate partners who believe in the organization’s ability to provide a well-educated workforce that is prepared for the careers of the 21st century and beyond.

About PEBC:

PEBC (Public Education & Business Coalition) is a Colorado-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works with teachers, school leaders and district superintendents throughout Colorado and nationwide to cultivate great teachers and advance education. PEBC provides professional development for practicing educators and operates the Boettcher Teacher Residency, which prepares individuals to have exceptional teaching careers through a hands-on master’s degree program. PEBC’s mission is to drive cutting-edge teaching practices, and inform and provoke the public to improve education for all. For more information, visit

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