Career Exploration Series - PEBC

career exploration video series

PEBC engages the business community to partner in providing Colorado’s K-12 students a meaningful connection between classroom content and real-world application of those academic concepts.

The PEBC Career Exploration Series gives students the opportunity to learn from business leaders and professionals at all career stages. 

Our Framework

Why this project?

We produce content that demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and unique perspective business leaders lean on every day to make their businesses successful.

As we move into a post-COVID19 educational world, the need for high-quality, online, and virtual learning experiences for practicing educators and their students is critical. A survey conducted by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) identified four top needs for the education sector at this moment, including both “online instructional supports for teachers” and “technical supports for delivering remote learning.”

Would you like to share your career journey with students?

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