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Boettcher Foundation Makes Five-Year Commitment to the PEBC Teacher Residency

DENVER –On June 26, 2019 the Boettcher Foundation Board of Trustees approved a five-year, $2.75 million commitment to the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC) teacher preparation.”We are thrilled about our continuing commitment to a program that has demonstrated success in preparing teachers for the demands of teaching,” said Boettcher Foundation President and CEO, Katie Kramer. “This program makes a lasting, positive difference in rural, urban and suburban areas of Colorado.”

The Boettcher Foundation has been a major, long-term partner in the teacher residency program, now called the PEBC TeacherResidencyto better align the program with PEBC’s other professional work. The PEBC Teacher Residency blends theory and practice, so that after a careful selection process, each resident is given a rich and relevant classroom-based learning experience guided by a skilled mentor teacher and enhanced by instruction from expert clinical educators. Residency experiences are offered in public and private schools in rural, urban and suburban districts across Colorado.

Staff at PEBC and Boettcher have been working closely together over the past six months to share insights, elevate the profession and strengthen the commitment to the PEBC Teacher Residency. This announcement provides funding that will create pathways for new partnerships. “With this strong funding commitment, innovative practices and the ability to differentiate funding streams, the PEBC Teacher Residency will continue to do great work for years to come,” said PEBC Interim President and CEO Bruce Caughey.

PEBC and Boettcher will continue to work together to advance a shared vision to elevate education and support teacher residents who exemplify the passion, dedication and brilliance that all students need and deserve.

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