Phenomenal Teaching Webinar Series

April 6-16, 2020

Monday-Thursday at 1 p.m. MST

Would you like to use some of your time during this unprecedented break from face to face teaching to hone your teaching craft so that you are ready to hit the ground running when we all go back to school?

PEBC’s Phenomenal Teaching web series, presented by PEBC’s professional learning team, is an invitation for you to explore the elements of teaching for agency and understanding. Each episode will explore one strand of the PEBC Teaching Framework and equip you with planning considerations and tools to apply in your own classroom.

Registration for this webinar series is FREE.  Your participation will earn you a certificate for eight professional development hours.

There is an option to upgrade. For $39, you will have unlimited access to the recordings PLUS a copy of the brand new book, Phenomenal Teaching, mailed to your home for ongoing study.


Here is what you can expect:

April 6:  Stance
How do we effectively convey our beliefs through the design and facilitation of our instruction? In this session, we will explore the ways in which our teacher stance can powerfully enact our greatest hopes for each and every learner. Presented by Wendy Ward Hoffer.

April 7: Plan
How can we design learning experiences that cultivate students’ understanding and agency? In this session, we will consider both yearlong and unit-level planning. Presented by Dana Sorensen and Sathya Wandzek.

April 8: Community
How can we develop classroom communities that support the agency and understanding of every learner? This session all about supporting collective and individual efficacy, as well as productive identities in our classrooms. Presented by Scott Murphy.

April 9: Workshop
How can we facilitate learning experiences that support students grappling with challenging tasks in service of conceptual understanding? We will explore how workshop model teaching scaffolds students’ success as independent thinkers and problem solvers. Presented by Annie Patterson.

April 13: Thinking Strategies 
In what ways might we provide tools that increase learners’ agency and understanding? This session will describe the research on thinking strategies and describe some of the ways that effective teachers can bring them to life in service of learners’ understanding. Presented by Michelle Morris Jones and Moker Klaus-Quinlan.

April 14: Discourse
In what ways might we scaffold productive, engaged academic conversations? In this episode, we will explore how to cultivate students’ speaking and listening across learning experiences. Presented by Heather Kuzma and Kristie Krier.

April 15: Assessment
In what ways might we monitor and support progress? Utilizing assessment for learning, as a tool in students’ hands, is the key idea of this session. Presented by Dana Sorensen.

April 16: Synthesis
What do we do now? In this session, we will visit with teachers who are bringing this PEBC Teaching Framework to life in their classrooms. They will respond to your questions and share their wisdom from the field. Presented by Wendy Ward Hoffer.