Video Submissions

PEBC is engaging the business community to partner in providing Colorado’s K-12 students a meaningful connection between classroom content and real-world application of those academic concepts.

This opportunity gives business leaders and professionals at all career stages the opportunity to showcase expertise to propel dynamic teaching and learning forward in public schools and to inspire interest in the future workforce.

Our Framework

We’re looking for video or audio content that demonstrates the skills, knowledge and unique perspective you lean on every day to make your business successful:

Skill Demonstration

An academic or performance skill that show students the practical and broad applications of how what you learned in school helps you in your everyday role.

  • We welcome any subject area in the K-12 setting (Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, etc)
  • Screen-sharing showing how you solve a particular problem
  • Stream of consciousness demonstrations

Interviews/Personal journey

What dispositions and skills did you seek to acquire to help you get to where you are today? What actions would you suggest someone who wants to work in your industry undertake while in school?

  • We can provide you framing questions for a video interview or an interviewer for a mini-podcast.

Keep it brief

Submissions need only be 1-3 minutes in length; our intention is to provide content to practicing educators to embed into their lesson plans.

Localized content matters

You and your business have been contacted because we believe it is powerful for students to see representatives from businesses in their communities show them the connections between what they’re learning in school and application of that learning into a future career. 

All levels of your organization

We encourage submissions from employees at all levels: CSuite, entry-level, and representative of a diverse workforce with unique backgrounds.

What are the benefits for me & my business?

You have a unique skill set and can contribute to helping the future workforce facing a complex challenge right now.

Education sector connections/knowledge - deepen your understanding of how school districts are responding to challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Skills development - providing resources for practicing educators and students to increase skill development and workforce readiness

Community Impact - both the business and education sectors need a “two-way street” to understand each other’s roles in the community

Equity - the pandemic has had a magnifying effect on long-standing inequities in education. We aim to change that paradigm by providing business-tested content to help all students gain the skills they need, regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender, or zip code.

Why this project?

As we move into a post-COVID19 educational world, the need for high-quality, online, and virtual learning experiences for practicing educators and their students is critical. A survey conducted by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) identified four top needs for the education sector at this moment, including both “online instructional supports for teachers” and “technical supports for delivering remote learning.”

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Contact Evan Kennedy with any questions