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The PEBC Learning System

PEBC’s Learning System reflects our beliefs, core values and principles, representing a 35-year evolution and synthesis of research and best practices. Designed as a comprehensive, interconnected network, this system has five primary components and utilizes adaptive approaches to develop and leverage the key flexibilities needed for systemic, sustainable success within classroom, school and district contexts.

Talent and Professional Capital

Teachers and educators are learners—and PEBC’s nationally recognized professional development model clearly defines the purposes and processes that support an evolving future education workforce. Recruitment, selection, preparation, placement, ongoing career supports, professional growth trajectories, and leadership development are vital components of the talent and professional capital element of our learning system.

Learning Design

In a rapidly changing world, today’s learners must be equipped to solve the challenges of the future. Utilizing a parallel pedagogy approach, students, teachers and leaders experience simultaneous learning and growth through elements of PEBC’s learning design. PEBC’s learning design is thinking-centered and inquiry-based, wherein learners collaboratively investigate and address complex problems, work on relevant issues and learn vital skills necessary to their success in school and industry.

Data & Evaluation

PEBC utilizes the six principles of improvement science to responsibly gather and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data to help improve learning, instruction, systems and our educational programming. Cycles of continuous improvement are core to the work of PEBC’s Learning System.


PEBC connects business and education sectors to address the advocacy needs of schools and districts. We are responsive to the workforce development needs of the business community by establishing customized cohorts of local and regional business leaders who serve as catalysts for education. And because PEBC knows families are crucial to student and school success, we are establishing partnerships with organizations to provide avenues for families to have a voice in shaping student-oriented transformation in schools.


PEBC provides expertise to legislative and rulemaking communities, advocating for policies that are focused on teacher retention and student success. PEBC convenes and facilitates productive conversations across sectors, allowing for creative thinking and collaboration at the state and federal levels to influence decisions that align to and support the full learning system.

For more information about how PEBC can partner with your school or district—or for more information about our Learning System in practice—please contact Craig DeLeone at [email protected] or 720-502-4325.

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