Why Teacher Leadership?

Teacher Leadership has become a national focus as schools and districts seek strategies for improving student learning.  Distributed leadership and collective efficacy are emerging as variables correlated with student achievement.  Teachers are the core of our work in education, and PEBC has a long history of empowering Teacher Leaders.

According to the US Department of Education:

Teacher leadership is defined as specific roles and responsibilities that recognize the talents of the most effective teachers and deploy them in service of student learning, adult learning and collaboration, and school and system improvement.

Teacher Leaders make an impact

On student learning

  • Outstanding teachers with deep instructional knowledge lead innovation
  • Lab classroom teachers or mentors model excellent instruction and inspire peers to implement best practices
  • Teacher leaders analyze and use data to increase equity

On teachers who serve in these roles

  • Have expanded efficacy, opportunities and capacity
  • Are retained in the profession
  • Experience less burn out

On adult learning and collaboration

  • Increase adult engagement, trust, social capital, and professionalism
  • Serve in roles that provide mentoring, coaching, and facilitation for colleagues
  • Lead professional learning to support colleagues in implementing new strategies and aligning approaches

On the system

  • Participate in decision-making teams that increase the capacity of the system for continuous improvement
  • Facilitate the sustainability of change and reform efforts
  • Engage in pathways that effectively identify teacher leaders, build needed knowledge and skills, provide relevant experience, and offer systems of support


For Schools & Districts

PEBC partners with schools and districts to design structures and systems that grow and nurture teacher leaders.   We believe in empowering teachers and building capacity for leadership.

Our customized, site-based system work supports district and school leaders to:

  • Enhance student achievement
  • Catalyze adult learning
  • Improve the system from within

Our institutes and seminars engage Teacher Leaders in developing critical skills such as:

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Learning-focused conversations
  • Facilitating adult learning

For Teachers

PEBC works with teachers to explore several pathways into teacher leadership.

  • Refine impact of instructional practices
  • Cultivate coaching and mentoring abilities
  • Develop transformational leadership skills

Mentor Teacher

Expand your role as a teacher and play a key part in the growth of new teachers. Supervise and guide a PEBC Teaching Residency resident in their teacher development in your classroom for an entire school year. Articulate one’s own professional development goals and participate in aligned professional development activities. Talk to your principal about Mentor Teacher opportunities.

Lab Classroom Host

Welcome colleagues into your classroom to observe student learning and instructional techniques. As a group, you will build a vision of what student understanding looks and sounds like, as well as to reflect on the instructional strategies that facilitate that understanding.

Learn more about lab classroom hosting

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