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A system-wide approach to impacting student learning.

PEBC’s innovative learning system approach offers an integrated approach to strengthening school performance, with a strong emphasis on refining instruction. It leverages multiple strategies concurrently.

  • Enhancing instructional leadership to increase teacher effectiveness
  • Establishing a healthy and collaborative school culture with respectful relationships
  • Creating a shared strategic direction that values continuous learning and improvement


PEBC provides professional learning opportunities for classroom teachers and school leaders to improve student learning.


School leaders are a crucial element in guiding instructional practice that will lead to increased student achievement. To support them in their role as instructional leaders, PEBC offers principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, facilitators, department chairs and teacher leaders professional development focused on strengthening instruction, creating a culture of collaborative learning, and cultivating leadership in others. PEBC supports leaders as they calibrate observations, formulate and share growth-focused feedback, and facilitate enhancements.

“My school district sends only a few people to PEBC for coaching and professional development each year, so a lot of my colleagues have “PEBC Envy.” I get to bring back the information and resources to share with my peers. The fact that I’m able to interact with PEBC and have training at this level is an incredible and magical opportunity.”

Amber M.
Fifth Grade Teacher
PEBC STEM Mentor program participant

PEBC offers unique opportunities for leaders to

Calibrate Observations

Formulate and use growth-focused feedback

Monitor the impact of change


Although culture can be an intangible concept, it is an essential element in any high performing organization. Leaders establish culture with high expectations, shared responsibility, mutual respect, and relational trust.

PEBC brings student success to life by elevating a school leader’s vision of what’s possible for learners, and then supporting them to inspire teachers to embrace it. Principals who can articulate a clear and compelling vision for their schools inspire excellence in teaching and learning. It is then actualized when they collaborate to offer effective professional learning that expands teachers’ knowledge and enhances instructional practices.


PEBC has worked closely with leaders and teachers to do just that in several Colorado schools, including those in turnaround and priority improvement status.  Over the past five years several schools have moved to Improvement and even Performance status after collaborating deeply with PEBC’s leadership and instructional professional development services (e.g. Denver Public School’s Skinner Middle School and North High School, and Englewood School District’s Englewood High School). See School Performance Frameworks Results

School Districts

PEBC works collaboratively with key school and district leaders to plan how best to support change, attending to content, context and the desired outcomes they seek. PEBC staff are highly skilled facilitators, professional developers and thought partners, with extensive knowledge of student and adult learning, coaching, and work at all levels within a system to catalyze the desired results.

PEBC’s work draws forth the best in leaders at all levels, both those in formal roles, such as principal, instructional coach, or department chair, as well as those in informal roles, including voluntary mentors or veteran teachers. By sharing responsibility for student achievement, and holding themselves and others accountable for the quality and results of professional learning, leaders collaborate with others to create a collective vision for academic success.

How can PEBC support overall system success in your organization?

PEBC customizes support based on data and on the conditions that influence a learning organization.

This customized approach might start with small cohorts of learners and build concentric patterns of success across the system. Or the pathway might begin at a more macro level to build the conditions for success and sustainability prior to initiating professional development for instructional improvements.

Often PEBC provides support across multiple levels of an organization, with thought partnering at the district office, leadership coaching with principals and leadership teams, and direct embedded professional development with teachers. All approaches share the same center of attention: students and their learning.

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